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Can a female handle the job?


LawnSite Member
Doyline La
can you please give me your opinion as to whether or not a 42 year old female could handle this job? my husband and i are just starting out, don't even have our first client yet! thank you in advance!

gene gls

LawnSite Gold Member
Yes, you can do this work. You may have to wheel a lighter load in the wheelbarrow, or pick up a smaller arm full of crapolla. Depends a lot on your conditioning,of what you have been doing in the past. You can always work into the trade. I know a couple of girles that will work circles around men. Good Luck...


Yard Perfect

LawnSite Member
Certainly a women can do the job. Just takes integrity, discipline, long hours, willingness to learn and please and a desire to make good money.


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Central Texas
Originally posted by LongIslander
This 44 year old lady handles it just fine! I do need to take a lighter load in the wheelbarrow and carry less, but I certainly make up for it in attention to detail and perseverance!

Marge said it just right. We have at least one female on each crew just to ensure our attention to detail is right on.

The we have zero ladies who pull less than their fair share. I wish I could say the same about all of the guys.

BTW, my wife is a tad over fifty and she works like a dang machine. She often shames the men into working even harder.

Doster's L & L

LawnSite Senior Member
My mom helped dad mow 100 lawns, residential and commercial, for several years. She was about 38 when they had decided to slow down, but they still had 70 accounts or so. I say that you can do it.
I agree with Lawn Perfect. "Certainly a women can do the job. Just takes integrity, discipline, long hours, willingness to learn and please and a desire to make good money."


LawnSite Silver Member
I see more women every year doing this work and they seem to do just fine.

The only thing I would not want a woman doing, is wrestling big plants/trees into position for planting. Most women are not as strong as a man so theres no need to risk a permanent back injury ( my wife now has one from lifting a computer at work)

Mowing and property maintenance is not at all strenuous or tiring.

I'd hire a woman in a heartbeat if I found one that I could count on showing up for work on time everyday (something I cant get from the college students)