Can a shaft be changed in a honda 5.5hp engine?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lzrj, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. lzrj

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    Need some help from guys that know about small engines. I'm changing out a pump on a power washer. Everything was going good until it was time to put the new pump on. The problem is that both the pump and engine shaft have the same style shaft. Both have the recessed shaft hole in one spot and neither one has the "key shaft" to slide into the recessed shaft to turn it. Anyone know if it is easy (or even a how-to) to change out the shaft on the engine to a shaft with a key to fit the pump shaft?
  2. olde_blue

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    I've replaced a bent crankshaft on a GC series Honda engine, it isn't too hard to do. It is innovative how they dispensed with the head gasket on these engines and how they use an itty bitty timing belt.
    You would have to talk to a dealer to see if the part you need is available and would fit. A new crankshaft is pricey--somewhere around $70 to $90, so it may not be a cost effective swap.
  3. lzrj

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    Got it figured out. Called the dealer where I bought the pump and found out that you can buy "keys" at any hardware store in the isle with all the other nuts and bolts. It's just a small square piece of metal that will side into both slots that lock them together. Cost $1.00
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    I was going to say it sounds like you are just missing the woodruff key.

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