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Can a sulky hurt your walkbehind?


LawnSite Bronze Member
San Antonio, TX
I was just wondering if one would add a sulky to there walkbehind does the extra weight of the person hurt the engine? My partner says that most walkbehinds have more than enough HP to withstand the extra weight without any extra wear or tear on the engine. What do ya'll think. Thanks in advance.


LawnSite Senior Member
Central Texas
I prefer a hydro unit for sulky use. The belt drives can slip and you may also lose blade tip speed as a result.


LawnSite Senior Member
Portsmouth, VA
Been using a 1W sulky on belt drive WB since I started. No problems yet. This is only my 6th season.

A word to the wise...

1. If you weigh more than 180 lbs, use a 2W sulky. Heavier guys cause the bushings and bearings to wear out on 1W.

2. When you shift the tranny, do it with tension OFF the drive belts. I bought 2 new peerless trannies before I figured it out.

3. Don't overtighten the engine drive belt thinking it will keep the mower from slipping on hills or in wet grass. It causes the tranny input shaft bushing to wear out.

Ask me how I know all this. BTW, I now keep a spare tranny around the shop. JIC.


LawnSite Senior Member
Alexandria, MN.
I run a Velke sulky behind my Exmark Metro blet drive, no problems, I've never had my drive belts slip either, and i've mowed in the rain before and gone up wills with it pulling me behind, no slipping, no "dogging".
The weak links on belt drive toros when using a sulky with a heavy load is the trans outputshaft bearings and the snap ring that holds the bearing in place on the shaft.

The tanny input shaft bearings will live longer with a idler
on a lever with a tension spring vs. a idler in a slot.

I plan on converting my twins (2-52" toros with kohler mag twins they are 9 and 13 years old wanna see a picture?) over to the newer idler on a tension a spring set up.



LawnSite Senior Member
Columbus Ga
Well just make sure you keep those splinned tranney bushings greased everyday and replace them once a year weAhter they need it or not there a lot cheaper than the shafts and be prepared to buy new drive belts once a year..other than that "RIDE THAT PUPPY YEA HA "