can anybody explain low pressure vinyl siding cleaning?

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by snapper, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. snapper

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    The thing i cant grasp it what nozzles to use? i understand bigger hole means less pressure full flow, but i need an example of what nozzle? i have a 3500psi 4gpm belt drive and trying to understand this.. I want to try this because i have some vinyl to clean. I bought a chemical injector and have a soap nozzle. So i have to figure out what cleaner to use? and what nozzle. So any suggestions?

    later!! chris
  2. Houston Tx Roof Cleaning

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    When you use a large diameter nozzle it creates a venturi effect at your injector which draws your cleaning solution down stream. I prefer a .30 nozzle.
    Give Lori a call at Pressure Washer (800) 519-9279 or email her at Tell her that I referred you to her and that you need help. She loves helping people get started.
  3. JCinNJ

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    Bob @ Pressure tek will hook you up. For a 4gpm rig you will be best off with xx30 tips to apply soap
  4. Roof Cleaning Virginia

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    Chris - we do low pressure vinyl siding cleaning without a pressure washer. I mean really low pressure! It's all in the chemistry. The pics in the top banner were done with less than 65 PSI:
  5. jsslawncare

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    Isn't it just clorox mixed with water sprayed on and then rinsed with a water hose? Keep in mind I'm a grass cutter not a person in pressure washing.
  6. Roof Cleaning Virginia

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    There's a little more too it than that ;-)
  7. ashs inc

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    whats more to it ted. explain your process?
  8. JCinNJ

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    you need the correct injector, correct tips, know how to wash in a way that is productive, correct GPM, correct PSI, etc...

    Is there anything more to cutting the grass than buying a $60 mower at home depot and calling yourself a professional landscaper?

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    so a chainsaw dont make me a swamp logger??????
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    Not sure... I'm not familiar with swamp logging but it may!!! HAHA
    Thats funny!!!

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