can anybody explain low pressure vinyl siding cleaning?

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by snapper, Feb 17, 2012.

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    you need 5 swamp vehicles and a dog named "Willie" before you can be called a swamp logger
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    Are there any good websites that can teach us your professional way to soft wash roofs and siding? I am from the Canadian west coast and roof cleaning isn't very big out here,but extremely needed. I would love to tap into this industry and be successful. I just got a "Ladder Saver" nozzle mailed to me from the USA. What is the best solutions that you use with the chemical injector?
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    You will find it EXTREMELY hard to get any info out of the power washing guys on this site. They all have an attitude about everything, and expect that you should know everything already. I left this site over a year ago because of this section.

    With that said, the ladder saver nozzle (I picked one up locally here) seems to work very well for me with my machine (landa belt drive with 4.8 gpm pump at 3500 psi I believe it is). I can reach the eves of a 2 story house that has been lifted 6 feet up, so I would Imagine you could do some good with yours on single story houses. It will spray chemical, so my guess is lob your chemical up on the roof with it then rinse with it. I am no pro, nor do I do this for a living, but power washing is a huge part of the final clean my company does on houses after we raise them. I pretty much got zero help form anyone here, and learned by trial and error. I also found hat the countless coat tail riders for pressure tek did me no good either, as there is a local store here who sells everything for the same price or cheaper, and it doesnt need to be shipped.

    Please excuse my rant, just thought I would fill you in on a couple things I have learned.
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    I too have found it hard to get help from any forum on pressure washing. It seems to be a guarded subject. Trial and error seems to be the way to go.
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    Try There is a lot of usefull info there. There are a few people on this site that will answer your questions if you ask nicely.
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    well thats about the stupidest thing in the world. People not wanting to help a fellow board member out with a Q&A topic. Im always looking for better ways to do stuff but the best i have found is Jomax and follow mixing directions on the back.
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    Yeah the best part is some of us want to know better ways to wash because its part of our job, not our money making business. All these guys are so scared that people will take there business *eyeroll*
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    i agree but that is stupid. I live in barnesville Ga and some info that someone cares to share with me from NC or CA or Maine has no affect on their business when im here. I dont even do business with the surrounding counties. There may be 8k people here where i live. We have 3 redlights. LOL. pretty small place. I just dont see how i can take their business from them. Reguardless, even if they had some competition, its all in the sales pitch and price.
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    God help ya if you are a regular joe asking about a pressure washer to clean your deck and driveway...they will have you a 5000 psi 10gpm pressure washer picked out for you.
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    I have been pressure washing for 9 years. Its not rocket science. i can tell you whatever you want to know. anyone can p.m. me with questions and i would be happy to help. this is what i do for a living and i can give ya my set up and answer any questions you have.

    Thomas Robinson Pressure washing

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