can anybody explain low pressure vinyl siding cleaning?

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by snapper, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Doug Rucker

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    Basically the tips that come with your machine should do the job for you for vinyl siding. I would suggest getting and adjustable (variable) wand so you can adjust the amount of pressure you are using at the gun.

    Fell free to call me with questions anytime. Glad to help out anyone.
  2. Doug Rucker

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    Lobbing your chem on the roof with a ladder saver will not do anything except waist your solutions and Definitely won't clean it. Ladder Saver is a great nozzle to have. I have had one for years. But it is mainly used as you say for cleaning exterior of homes and can also be used for rinsing.

    Hope that helps.
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    Good to know there are a few guys who don't mind helping. I only plan to wash some of my already lawn customers property if they want or need the service, and probably only during the slower seasons. But, after trying a million soap combos on my own home, I still don't know which is best.

    I was trying to stay away from bleach because I feel it can dry out siding and make it weak and crack (true?) but have not found anything that works as good as it. Oxy wash stuff only works good on wood. Jomax didn't seem to do any better than when I used bleach with some dawn in it.

    Crud kutter and greenstuff says not use bleach with it but doesn't seem to do a good job by itself.

    So the question, what have you found that gets the best cleaning results for siding and concrete?
  4. Doug Rucker

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    Just remember that nearly every vinyl siding manufacture recommends cleaning with a mild bleach/detergent/water mixture. The bleach kills the mold/mildew, the detergent helps to lift the dirt from the surface and aids in rinsing, helps prevent spotting of windows, etc, and the water is for dilution so the bleach is not so strong that will damage the vinyl. The problem come when vinyl siding homes are not cleaned at least once a year. Rarely does the cleaning itself cause the problem, instead it is the lack of correct maintenance.

    Don't be afraid of bleach. Bleach when used correctly and by a properly trained cleaning professional is perfectly safe. That's why we wash our clothes in it, swim in it, brush our teeth in it, (yes it is in our water as well) and many other uses for it.

    Next time you are in a gocery store look on a label for Milk of Magnesia. Alway the way at the bottom of the ingresient label you will see - Inactive Ingredient "sodium hypochlorite" which is the active ingredient in Bleach.
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    Thanks for the tips..

    FCPWLLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    Bleach is my best friend!

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