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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by snipperzllc, Jun 13, 2007.

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    I just started my own lawncare and landscape company in Columbus, Ohio. I have been in this business for about 10 years. I seem to be having a hard time picking up customers. I have passed out about 1000 flyers and mailed out over 200 potential customer letters to businesses in the area. Can anyone give me suggestions or no of anyone that subs work out. Thanks
  2. MJS

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    Maybe instead of sending out brochures and letters, you should try talking to some people. I have gotten alot of jobs just by introducing myself, giving a little sales pitch, and then leaving it up to the person whether or not they will hire me. (They usually do). You could also encourage some of your current customers to tell others about you; maybe give them some discount if they refer you to someone. Good luck.
  3. rakeck

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    I'm assuming you've recently relocated your lawn care business??? If so, as far as business prospects are concerned, you may as well be as brand new in the business, as you are to the area.

    I'd say, load up your equipment, drive around, look for yards that need mowing NOW, knock on doors, leave proposal and notate that you can cut today or tommorrow if no one home, be prepared to work at a moments notice, and don't say "no" to anything (within reason)
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    Exactly what I am planning on doing. My trailer is being assembled and will be picking it up tomorrow, so this weekend I'm gonna drive around with my equipment with a loud speaker yelling "ANYONE NEED A MOW? MOWING TODAY!!" ROFL....just kidding about the last part, but I have done the flyers, the cards, the knocking on doors and and 2 months of newspaper ads...I got nothin. So time to kick it up a notch.

  5. deereequipment

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    I did lawn care in Columbus about 6 years ago (part time).
    I had alot of trouble getting started, then I foudn someone getting out, so I was able to "buy" some clients from him. I had about 50 small residentials. THey sucked, but it got me going.
    After a couple of years, I was able to drop all of them, and I had a few key commercial accounts.

    Best thing to do, is get hooked up with another company. Find one who is established adn not growing. Work something out with them and have them forward any calls they don't want to you.
    Advertise on line, and in the yellow book and yellow pages. SOmeone needs help, that's where they turn to.

    Good Luck
  6. rakeck

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    As I read my earlier reply, I realized I probably pi$$d off many here who get sick and tired of newcomers coming in trying to snag their accounts.

    I'm not advocating price undercutting or just plain "working for cheap". If a lawn needs mowing, especially if looks like may be 2+ days past due, then it needs mowing ... if that lawn "belongs" to another lawn company, be it big or small, then the home-owner is well within his rights to allow someone who has the equipment, time, and proper business foundation behind him to mow it.

    If the lawn company who has been mowing that property, has done his job well, and has a good relationship with that home-owner, then the problem will probably somehow resolve itself, in the established company's favor, no harm, no foul.

    Competition will always exist and will always cause some irritation. But if we can convince every homeowner that they need to stay inside in the a/c, with a cold beer, watch the ball game, put the mower in storage, and let a local, friendly guy do the hot, dirty work, for a fair price ... there will be plenty of lawns to go around. That's not beyond the realm of possibility is it? :usflag:
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    Timing is everything when did you pass do all the North East the best time is Febuary-March or Sept-Oct when contracts are up. This time of the year everyone is locked in.....

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