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    Hi guys and gals havent been able to get on this site for a while as work has been mad!!!

    The problem being in this current financial climate is we dont know how long work will be good, so i wondered if anyone can help?

    As you have been applying chemical treatments over in the US for a long time i think it would be an idea to bring that knowledge over to the UK - there is only one company here that does this for the whole of the UK and guess what it is Bartletts - yes a UK division of an American company!! Does anyone know of a training/qualification required and where the best supplier is (i'm sure i'm opening a huge can of worms here!!) We dont cover any form of chemical applications to trees in our qualifications here in the UK so as much info as possible would be more than welcome. I would prefer a non invaisive type of application if possible - i have heard of one product called cambistat that is non invaisive - is there anything else?

    All comments welcome!!

    Cheers Andy.

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