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Can casters be welded?


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St.Paul suburb
The stems (or also called shafts) on casters used on ZTRs and comm WB mowers,,,, can they be welded? Are they a tempered steel or high grade steel or just normal grade steel?


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You're going to need a LOT of heat, the steel is extremely thick and there is a lot of it,
so much in fact that it dissipates heat quickly and it's so darn thick it takes a lot to heat it up...

It's far more than what a 115v arc welder can manage and I'm not trying to say that you don't have a better
welder than that but I thought I'd save you the headache in case you weld like I do, which is mostly as a hobby...

That having been said it probably can be welded but it might be best left to a professional welder,
again I'm not saying you're not one of them or that you're even contemplating DIY
but I've tried welding this 7-gauge stuff before and it didn't work out so good...

Anyhow, I think you'll need at the very least a 240v arc or better yet, a mig welding machine,
even then I can't say what it's going to do but I hear say a mig will weld anything lol

Anyhow, hope it works out for you, even if you have to pay someone it most likely would be the cheaper way out.
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Yes you can weld that, just turn the heat up.

If its cast iron, preheat it with a torch then weld it..... but in cast the molecules aren’t as chose so there is a good chance it'll break again.

I have a miller 250 (mig) and it works like a charm.


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They generally arent that pricey to replace vs welding and having it break again soon after. Never have tried welding one but most that come in are also bent before they are broken...