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Discussion in 'CLIP Software' started by jeff_0, Apr 28, 2003.

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    I wanted to know if your software does this. If I enter in what a make each day. the software will total the amount for like the whole year or the month if I wanted to see it that way.. I do lawn maintenance and I have about 15 clients right now.. can you also tell me how clip would benefit me. and what clip I would need and the price. I want to set myself up now for my growth in the future.
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    To answer your first question, yes, CLIP can give you reports for the day, week, month, year ect... on your sales, man hours, jobs and a host of other things. Most importantly, CLIP gives you reports on your dollars per hour. This is the most important number you can watch since what you are really selling is time so you want to make sure that you get the maximum dollars for your time.

    With 15 customers you are not "drowning" in paperwork, yet.... As you grow, it will become more and more important that you keep track of those details and start systemetizing your company. By getting into CLIP at this stage, you will have a foundation that you can grow on and you will be able to handle the growth in your company without going through major re-structuring and problems. Believe me, you will have enough to think about when you get to the stage of hiring employees, adding trucks and everything else, it will be a huge advantage that you will not have to worry about details and paperwork. I have seen companies go out of business because they lost track of the details, customers got angry, employees took advantage of the unknown, things fell through the cracks and pretty soon a very promising company drops out of the industry.

    We like to make contact with you to know what level of CLIP to recommend but it seems pretty natural that we will be recommending one of our Lite programs or qCLIP depending on whether you use QuickBooks now or not.

    The price for the software starts at $250 and you can upgrade from one version to the next for the difference in price.

    Another advantage that you will get is that you will be joining a group of business owners like yourself, but they have already been through the process. CLIP has been around for 15 years and during that time has been modified and enhanced based on the input of over 9,000 companies. This will naturally move your company into the proven profitable methods that the most efficient and profitable companies are using. This is one of those things that is not readily obvious but becomes very important as you start to grow.

    You really should call us at 800-635-8485 and let us help you get set up on the profit track!

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