Can Exmark continue to compete

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Greyst1, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. weaver

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    I thought so to at first about Exmark pricing, but the more i compare brands the more i find they're not the only one's. Compare a full top of the line Exmark X series to gravely or a new John deere.. About the same.. It's right here on this site to check for yourself, 48" John deere R series 11k plus.. Exmark's not the only one...
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    Too bad my horrible dealer sells scag and exmark so I can't look at scag. And I have seen huge price increases on Deere equipment over the last few years so it's not just exmark. It's not like exmark has brought any totally new to the market. All mowers these days have the same motor and hydraulics so it's down to the seat, deck, and frame. And the only one that really matters is deck so how different can all these mowers be? I love my exmark like nobody's business, but I'm sure it would be different if I didn't get a smoking deal on it, and it was still expensive for a used model. I wish the hustler dealer didn't close down over here, they were selling brand new 66" Super Z's for a smidge over 9k out the door. Wish I bought one when I was at the dealer that one day.... Well those are my thoughts, out to plow :waving:
  3. Jimslawncareservice

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    Ferris and snapper may have gone up, but for example, a snapper 48" hydro walk behind I was quoted over 6k. Being a non customer I can get it in the 4k range. I didn't get an exact quote.
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  4. New2TheGreenIndustry

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    For starters, they get a fleet discount. I talked to a large owner in ATL, and he said he gets a great deal. The main reason he ran Navigator over Walker.
  5. Greyst1

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    I think thats where i went wrong, i shoulda bought on fleet pricing but the initial investment was hard to swallow. Definitely plays a factor, gonna get some fleet pricing soon.
  6. weaver

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    Another thing it depends on where you are at. On another thread not to long ago alot of guys chimed in with there prices on new mowers and everyone was different...
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  7. dathorpe

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    All I've ever owned have been 500 series Z Masters and Lazer Z's with Kohler air cooled engines. I really don't have a whole lot bad to say about those machines. Somebody on this thread mentioned he was an Exmark guy and hated the Toro Turbo Force decks. Honestly, after all these years with Exmark & Toro, I can't say I see a difference in the cut. Never have.

    For me, the conversation begins and ends with Exmark, Toro, or Scag. I really have no interest in Dixie Chopper, Kubota, Ferris, JD, or any others. The only other brand mower I would ever consider owning is Scag. I've always admired Scag machines. I just never had a reason to switch from what I've always used. Until this year.

    It just seems Exmark's build quality is going down. I don't like plastic pulleys. And I can get Turf Tigers with Briggs 35 engines for considerably less than an Exmark. ...And the velocity deck is very appealing.

    I still want to demo a new X series Exmark 60" before I make up my mind. But the price tag, along with a few other things, has me leaning heavily in the direction of Scag.
  8. Ridin' Green

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    They are all going up in cost, no doubt, but here, Exmark is just rediculously overpriced compared to any other brand. I don't like the fact that they are a dry cut machine only if you are wanting a top notch cut, and I will never buy one either because of that, and the price difference. Ferris here is just a touch higher than JD, and Hustler and Scag are really close to JD for price. Snapper Pro is a lot less money, and a heck of a machine for the price. Toro is about as bad as Exmark here these days. Gravely makes an excellent machine, but their top end mowers are about the same price as JD, Hustler and Scag.
  9. skorum03

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    I'm pretty new to the lawn care community, but from what I've read of people's opinions, what it seems is that people seem to think that exmark is superior in the commercial mowing field, much like many residential home owners believe a john deere lawn tractor is much better than anything out there too when the comparable product of, say, a husqvarna is significantly less expensive. Just an observation.

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  10. PabsMaster

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    Agreed, Exmarks in my area are ridiculous, and the build quality is decreasing. BUT the prices have gone up for all machines in my area. It just happens that Scag has the best bang for the buck were I live.

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