Can Exmark continue to compete

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Greyst1, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. ddixon7

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    I will continue to buy Exmark. The reason is because we only have one dealer close, and he only sells Exmark and Grasshopper. And, I think their walk behinds suit me better because they don't have pistol grips to get tangled with objects like chain link fences..

    But, if another dealership was close enough, I would take a look at other walk behinds. I am going to buy another Encore 36". I feel for a 36" that is only going to get used on 20 back yards a week, I am not going to spend 6 grand on a Exmark 36". My Encore 36" has lasted me about 20 years, and was my only big mower for 2 or 3 of those 20 years. I used to run all Encore until my dealer switched to Exmark (and Encore quit making its 52 hydro walk behind also).
  2. dathorpe

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    That is very true. I'll probably continue using Exmark for walk behind work because of the ECS handles... and the Turf Tracer hydro is still tough to beat.
  3. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I'll be dropping 30k on 2 new exmarks this spring I am very impressed with how much innovation they have in the 2013s over the models I presently own. Governed EFI motors 16 cc pumps with the wheel motors in one unit. Yes the price is a lot more than when I bought my 27 hp 60 inch lazer in 2003 for 8k plus 2k for the vac system. But were also talking 34-38 hp EFI motors 33% larger pumps 20% faster cutting speeds. Its not the same machine plus the costs of everything they use as gone through the roof steel is not cheap tires are now ridiculously priced. So I do not see the prices as outrageous and if they are over priced were talking 5-15% range not 50%.
  4. Greyst1

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    I dont buy the argument of increase steel prices, inflation, or the popular "everything has gone up". My background is manufacturing and when manufactures take increases on components and raw materials they make a decision, either to pass it on to the customer or offset the price increase through other means. Other means = sourcing materials and purchased parts trough new suppliers, low cost country sourcing, redesign, BOM changes, assembly outsourcing, lower grade components and innovations. Now that last design from Exmark is about 5 years old now which i believe was good but it's still nothing to pay 13K over.

    Anyhow, 2 machines = 30K, just wow is all i can say. I mean if your product is Exmark's cut quality then your job is to maintain the quality with your customers so i can see not wanting to switch or anything but for 15K you can get two snapper pro's and pocket the other 15K.
  5. weaver

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    It's funny everyone complains about what's wrong with a mower, but when the manufactuer fixes the problems they complain about price increase. Exmark is way better than 5 or 10 years ago..
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  6. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I don't set the prices they did I am working with that they offer I will be getting to lazer Z X models one with a 60 inch deck the other with a 72 inch deck. The 60 will have a 34 hp EFI and the 72 will have the 38 hp EFI they will both have trac vac systems. And with any luck I will get out of there for 30k after taxes but that remains to be seen. As much as Id like the diesels the idea of dropping 40k for 2 mowers was to much to handle.
  7. yardguy28

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    I don't know if they can continue to compete or not. I know how popular they are in my neck of the woods and that's pretty popular. most guys use exmarks and toros.

    one thing I've noticed is that brands seem to be differently priced in different locations. I've been seeing people talking lately about how high priced exmarks are and in my neck of the woods I'm just not seeing it.

    here's the dealers website I use:

    you can find some prices on some of there equipment. if you can't let me know and I'll post a direct link to a few.

    here exmarks and toros are the cheapest prices wise.

    I love there quality and feel they are right up there with the rest, the rest for me being scag, walker and wright stander. so I will continue to use exmarks and toros exclusively.
  8. mowcrazy

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    I don't think there going anywhere but I will put forth my .02.....

    First off, I can get scag tiger cats for $8,400+tax out the door with a 27hp koehler, suspension seat, and the velocity deck. Anyone who has owned both the ultracut and velocity machines........ well, there is just no comparison in my area when it comes to cut quality. We have lots of weeds and weedy grasses in this area and the velocity is hands down the winner.

    For the comparable exmark with the cushy seat which is nice but still not as absorbing as the suspension seat on the scag, with ultracut deck which isnt as good of a deck as velocity I would have to shell out right at $10,500+tax.......

    no brainer:hammerhead:

    Its amazing honestly....... in my area im kinda the company every knows of and I have a lot of folks ask my opinions and my opinion is go to our local dealer and ask to demo everything they have brandwise. Our dealer carries wright, exmark, bobcat, and scag.

    I always tell them that I lean towards scag but why not demo them all for yourself and so far ALL of them have orange mowers now. Why not, there cheaper and cut better in this area........ Not to mention the best deck on the planet to date for less than the competitors...........

    None of them have anything bad to say about the orange mowers..... Our local dealer now carries gravely and he saids hes been selling the heck out of those, approx as many as scags he sells and thats pretty impressive.
  9. weaver

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    Those new Gravely 460,s do look awesome but they're pricey as well...
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  10. Snapper Jack

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    The Scags and Gravelys have a coulple things in common in regards to cutting and that's having a deck that'll perform exceptionally well in all conditions wet or dry not just biased for one condition. There are several LCO owners who've made the switch from Scag to Gravely and those Gravelys lay down amazing cut wet or dry. I hope to own a Scag with a Velocity deck some day:drinkup:

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