Can Exmark continue to compete

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Greyst1, Jan 25, 2013.

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    I actually got to try one of the new gravelys out. It was the one with the air ride seat and that was a SUPER IMPRESSIVE part of the machine. there was one thing that I wasnt a huge fan of on the gravely I tried and that was how high you sat on the machine. Used this mower in a few of my usual yards and I couldnt get under the trees that I could get under with my tiger cats which did in turn make me have to trim more and Im fat so that was definetly not good!!! LOL the tiger cats you sit very low which im a fan of. Not tearing your head off on low hanging limbs most times.

    I always thought that scag dispersed grass better because the huge discharge opening but your right the gravely did an exceptional job with the small opening.......... The deck is impressive for sure.
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    What I do now is spend enough to qualify for fleet pricing. I bought my Gravely 452 with a bagger for 10600 or so. I had to spend over 12k which I was over with the one mower. 20% off really brought the price down to reason.
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    Right there should tell everyone how much margin there really is on selling new equipment.
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    Gravely certainly has a lot of things going for it. In my area, with the fleet pricing, it put Hustler SZ out of the park by about 3k diff, but definitely demo it in your type of grass before pulling the plug.

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    i was and die-hard exmark fan i have own a 48" viking for 2 years and a 52" turf tracer for three years. i do agree with you as well that they have become over priced thought my dealership, which is the #2 dealership in sales, says that they are not over priced at all when the price tag say $8,700.00 ... lol ya right. but recently a really good friend of mine got a scag turf tiger and a grasshopper 335. both those mowers cut WAY better then exmark would have ever dreamed of and have a price range that is VERY reasonable. i no longer a exmark fan. ill be selling my turf tracer as soon as i have the fund to buy a brand new walkbehind mower which will be in a year or two.

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    i heard through a scag salesman and an owner of a dealer that scag is coming out with a new walkbehind VERY VERY shortly and will have something REALLY similar to the ECS handles so keep your eyes peeled
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    maybe I need my eyes checked.

    I'm looking at the pieces at my dealership and I'm not seeing a huge increase from 7 years ago when I got into the business. I'm also not seeing another mower on the market that screams quality over any other brand.

    I have exmark, toro, scag, walker and wright stander available to me. exmark and toro are the cheapest in price of this brands. and the others don't scream anything that makes them any better than the toros and exmarks I use that would make me pay the higher price. I see a similar quality of cut in all of them.

    if you ask me what's high priced I'd say scag, wright stander and walker. I can't find a mower in any size of any those brands for under $10k.

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