Can I advertise "small engine repair" if not mechanic?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by shopteacher, Oct 10, 2006.

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    I have just one word for you to remember. "LAWSUIT"
    The first time some fool gets you to sharpen a blade and then they hit a rock and it flies out and hits them you could have a lawsuit on your hands. Do not laugh about that. It happened to my boss a few years back. He sold a Echo trimmer to a man. A Echo metal blade was installed when the man bought it. The man takes it home and hits a rock with it and a bit of rock and/or blade hit him on the leg and cut him. He filed a lawsuit against my boss. Echo picked up the lawsuit because a Echo blade was installed but if any other make or brand blade had been use Echo would have stood back and let him take care of it the best way he could. So remember all of that that can happen. And how to you plan to get rid of the used oil and gas? If not done right which can cost a lot the EPA will be all over you. And what about insurance in case something left at your shop gets stolen or your shop burns down or something else happens to the machine while it is in your care? That is way I work for someone and gave up on the idea of my own shop.You can advertise for any thing you want just be sure you are not advertising for trouble.
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    :clapping: :clapping: :drinkup:
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    I am pretty good at figuring out problems, but have alot to learn. Can a person like me do heart surgery and be a cardiologist??? :dizzy: :dizzy: :laugh:
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    Spent a few years in residential mower repair.
    The problem is that you can't write a ticket big enough to make $$$ with out the customer wanting to scrap it and buy a new one.
    You need a big customer base for those little jobs to pay off.
    Put 2 spindles and a OEM belt on most residential mowers and you double it's value.

    I remember the first decent sized job I priced out after switching to auto repair, after years in the OPE repair. Standing there with a $550 dollar estimate was just weird.... I'd never written a ticket that big. Previously, anything over a few hundred meant the customer would be making a trip to Sears or WalMart for a new one.
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    Being a cardiologist and fixing mowers...................SLIGHTLY different (????)
    Regarding getting sued
    I could get sued doing just about anything, including teaching my students to use a table saw, and they lose a finger. It's called "risk" and it comes with life. Especially with sue-happy society these days.

    I will state the truth here: My faith in the Lord may not prevent bad things from happening, but He promises to be with me WHEN life brings its difficulties.

    Thanks to those who answered, your responses were all appreciated...... I learned a lot.
  6. tomo

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    hello, small engine eg two strokes/ 4 strokes chain saws brush cutters push/ride mowers domestic stuff etc OR the commecial stuff eg all over 20 hp. As u would expect different set of tools .Typically bigger stuff requires way more expensive tools . As there r different clients which do u pick. As i see it ,in the off season most retail will drop off and the commecial [if a smart operater] will over haul at this time. Need a good marketing mix..
    You will need a comprehensive tool kit "" EVERYTHING""
    OEM special tools as required
    shop tools -mig welder
    oxy/ acet gas welder
    press and press tools
    parts washer approved type
    at least 3 good benches
    at least2 vices
    Enviromentally appoved oil waste and new oil storage system
    Enviromently approved wash down area
    Drill press
    jack and stands
    hoist 2 post
    lead light
    Work shop special tools
    efi fuel pump flow/ pressue guage
    optional air fuel ratio meter
    efi trouble code checker
    [can be done manually]
    very optional injector cleaner and spray pattern /volume checking machine
    cooling system test equipment
    temp guage
    pressure tester
    glycol checker
    oil preesure guage
    vacumn guage
    comp tester
    leak down tester
    advance timing light
    good multi meter
    transport trailer 4 equipment with a winch
    There is heaps of other gear
  7. Jason Pallas

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    I got all that crap - and I only repair our own equipment. Man, I've been doing this too long!
  8. DJL50

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    Sounds to me you will be doing this part time and not going big. A lot of guys do this type of work on the side and have more work than they know what to do with. Just get insurance and move on. NO different than mowing grass. And by the way. Funny people think you have to do something wrong to get sued. In business for long and you will get sued. Some people make a living that way.
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    You got that right DJL, I done it here at home for one season on the weekends only. I started with just a few neighbors units and it spread like wild fire, I was swamped working 12 hrs both Saturday and Sunday but would double my regular job pay check in those 2 days. I had to stop because working 7 days a week was taking it's toll. (family)

    Anybody with the mechanical ability and know-how can make good money doing this part time to supplement their income, But the work must be done correctly to prevent returns and or possible lawsuits.
  10. newz7151

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    How many of those customers followed you back to your dealership job when you stopped moonlighting? Also, that must have made for a heck of an income tax return with all that extra personal income. I bet withholding your own taxes out of that drove you crazy too!

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