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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BillyRgn8, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. BillyRgn8

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    got a call today from an older lady, kinda seemed a little demanding but not to bad, asking for a snow removal and lawn maintence estimate. sounds simple, however i no the area and i have noticed she has gone threw two LCO's this year. however i don't know either to go ask what happened. so i was wondering if it would be crossing the line with the customer if were to ask her what happened with her old LCO.
  2. 1MajorTom

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    No, I don't think it is crossing the line if you ask it in a nice way.
    you could say, "have you ever had lawn service before?" if she says "yes", then you could ask, "was there anything in particular you were not happy about with that former company, cause I want you to be 100% please with our work." then see what she says....
  3. o-so-n-so

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    If you work her just right...she will tell you why she has gone through 2 lco's this past season. Maybe ask "What do/don't you expect from a LCO?" Maybe its a case of the LCO going through a customer. Could be a PITA. It should be quite obvious....... whatever the situation is.
  4. meets1

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    I can assure you she is fishing. Been there over and over. Think great - I can tie this to my route nicely and then to find out end of season or two, I am gone. Here comes another LCO.

    In fact had one this winter. She has had 5 fert/spray crews there. Us included. She has had 3 mowing crews there, inlcuding ours. I get a note on the 2nd of Jan, 05 saying she no longer needs our service. Found someone else cheaper.

    The wheel keeps going around.

    Just my experience already in the new year!
  5. JDavisTexas

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    In any kind of sales you need to interview the prospect to find their likes and dislikes about previous service providers. Let the customer know that the questions will enable you to service their account better. If the prospect is unwilling to discuss former service issues, you have to ask yourself if the customer is one you want.
  6. BillyRgn8

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    thanks guys i will have to see how it goes tommorow
  7. s and s mowing

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    maybe,maybe not.i got a call from older lady about may 2004,she wanted estimate for lawncare.met her that afternoon,she says she has been through 3 since start of season and none could mow to suit her,she says she very picky.her main complaint was she wanted front mowed with walkbehind.the whole time she was talking i was looking and thinking 30.00 to 35.00 per she says how much and i say 65.00,she says ok,but only on a month trail.well,i mowed all year,probaly one of the best customers i have,not one complaint from her,if i miss her when i mow,the check is here 2 days later in you cant always go by that.maybe her past lco where noaccount.
  8. JDavisTexas

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    Like I said- "It's all in the interview". It sounds to me like she told you they were undependable. All anyone wants is to be taken care of. You have to find what their perception of being taken care of is. To any customer perception is reality.
    I can't give you my twenty+ years of sales experience in a thread posting. One more thing- sometimes a customer will believe if they are paying more and you are dependable they are recieving value for their money. You know being the cheapest is not always better. If you get it because you are cheaper you can lose it for the same reason.
  9. mownredneck

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    I had a lady call me last year, I went and cut her grass in Sept. She said shed call me next year.....didnt hear anything from her. I get a call from her in the summer and go give her the price she said she wanted it cut in 2 weeks(a guy had just cut it and did a bad job). she calls me a week later wanting to know somone who sprays weeds i say scotts, and other big name, she said i didnt like them. Another week goes by and its time to cut i call to make sure and she said she found someone who cuts the grass and sprays. My buddy had cut her yard a time before and tells me she has fired some of the best maint. co around. she has went through 20 oper. this year.

  10. JDavisTexas

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    The more services you can provide means more dollars per account. We do not spray yet.!.! Am planning to add it in two years. We have found people to sub services to when we are not able to provide our selves. When a customer asks me if we can spray or do sprinklers we always say yes. Never use a sub that offers lawn service, they will try to take that account from you. Some of our subs refer us for lawn service.

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