can i buy generic 2-4D without a spendy lable

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by greenwithenvy, May 8, 2003.

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    i talked to this guy at lawn and garden show that says he just adds straight 2-4D to his tank (at 1/5 the cost and it works just like momentum or 3-way) but i lost the guys info, any - o - you guys know anything about this subject.

    question # 2 is i have a lesco dealership in my town and have been nieve in thinking that lesco is the only way to go, or can go for that matter, ive been told that, of the two main herbicides that they provide ie, (momentum and 3-way)

    3-way will kill 19 of the 30 native weeds found in Utah and from my experience it does it in about 6 days which is pretty fast in my opinion.

    momentum kill 25 of the 30 native weeds in Utah, but it takes up to 2 weeks or longer. please submit any and all suggestions for any new products at better prices etc... and yes i am using spreader sticker (lesco of course). thanks bill.
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    3-way's are made for a reason. They work better on a larger variety of stuff then plain 2-4,d.

    The 1/5th the cost stuff may not have a high percent of active ingredient. You have to look at cost per thousaand feet or cost per acre.

    Lesco also charges more for small qty vs a case of 2- 2.5 gal jugs. Things are not alwasy as they seem.
  3. I use 2,4-D and Confront.....

    Momentium also has confront plus lescos 3 way.

    The 2 weeks is the Confront and the weeds you are targeting.

    Dandilions with 2,4-D at max rate should be wilted by the next day, however Clover takes some time to kill with Confront.

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