Can i bypass electrical starter system???

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by diggerdave, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Hi Guys- First a big thanks to those that posted the link to get me to the Kawaski Service manual last week. Much appreciated!
    I picked up an old Bolens 1050 the other day (freebie!!!!!!) They are a pretty solidly build tractor – I like the adjustable posi-traction rear set up. Anyway Im going to spruce it up and use if for field mowing around the farm unitl I have time for a complete tear down to restore her.. It has a Wisconsin model TRA 100 engine that the prior owner said ran “ok”. The starter solenoid is shot (broken) and the regulator is also snapped off its mounting. Don’t know if the starter/generator works yet. Same goes for the coil. As Im looking it over I see that this particular model Wisconsin has a slot on the flywheel shroud that would allow one to use a rope to pull start the engine if you take the belt from the starter/generator off. I gave if a few pulls and she turns over fine and has compression (no spark was visible on the tester I installed between the plug and coil). So my question for future reference: Is it possible to bypass the “battery starter system” on an engine like this so that I can just pull start her to see if it will run? If so how do you do it? Any insight is appreciated. dave
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    As long as the engine has a magneto ignition or electronic ignition you can ditch the battery and rope start it. If it has a battery ignition you must maintain a battery in the system, Just remove the starter belt and rope start but you will have to charge the battery every so often to keep the ignition system working.

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