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Okay, this is really just a *****, but just this week I was cutting this ladies yard. Everything went well(I thought?). I saw her in town today and she asked me if I had seen the pile of trash on her porch. I said I think so, why? Her response was I thought you picked up the trash before mowing. What the hell does she think, I mow the damn porch? This was pile that she had created picking up trash and weeds from around the flower beds. I told her, yes, I do pick up before mowing and weed the flower beds and haul off the trash. <br>It doesn't really take any extra time to pick this pile up, however why can't she walk another 20 feet and through it away herself. This almost seems like taking advantage. If she wants to pick up trash fine throw it away! If it were me I would throw it away instead of letting it sit for a week. And why is she doing my job for me. Am I doing something wrong. I always, always pick up the trash and weed the flower beds.<p>Just Complaining, thanks for listening. By the way I saw one of those mom & pop teams today in a dodge caravan with the mower and stuff hanging out the back. I thought you guys were really just kinda kidding. WOW!!!<p>Thanks,<p>Adam :)


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I`ve got a yard that we`ve been doing for 3 seasons now thats pretty small and real easy to cut. There`s a pile of leaves and two bags of who knows what that have been sitting in the driveway since day one. In this area its just a matter of taking this stuff to the curb and the city will take away. My wife who cuts with me always asks if we should do this<br>for them and normally I would but now its become an experiment in composting. People can sure be lazy!!


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Don't get me started on women over 50 lol. Widow ladies and women who start taking over the running over the household after the man gets sick or dies. Alot of them are soooo lazy and picky and crabby. They have no idea what it takes to run a business or how hard we work. I have had them tell me &quot;well if I knew I was going to have to water the grass I wouldn't have let you plant it. Same goes with bushes too.&quot;I want you to go straight up and down on my yard instead of round and round. God forbid you ask them to make a decision about anything. Most of them are so stingy. I have a woman now who ask me to weedeat the beds. So I went up on her 5$. She lives in a mansion. But poor mouths all the time. Won't even speak to me anymore lol(which is kinda nice:)). Because of that 5$ Just puts the check in the door. But she just went out and bought a mercedes to go with her caddy. I dont have a problem with all these women just most of them. Some I have are intelligent and generouse.


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Ha ha ha Charles. Just got off the phone with a customer, spent all day Friday and most of Saturday at this guys house laying 1000 ft sod in the front and overseeding the back 10k ft anyways he calls bitching cuz its 90 degrees and he wants to know who the hells gonna pay the water bill for the lawn?? Some reason he thinks the answer was &quot;the lawn guy&quot; bzzz Wrong! why the flock do you think I suggested doing it in Sept but the dumb flock insisted it be done now. Will I replace the sod if it burns up? read the flocking contract, No Warranty On Sod or Seed, you water, go to church, say a prayer it will grow whats so difficult about that? Oh yeah when you hit 80 years old the gray matter gets replaced with brown matter. Some folks anyways.<p>The check is being cashed at his bank 9 am Monday. Im too grumpy working all weekend to dick around. See my comments in the &quot;weekends&quot; thread.<p>Bill

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