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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, Sep 21, 2004.

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    I financed my Ferris with their 0%/36 months deal they had this spring. I have had a couple small problems with the machine, but had big problems with dealer which is 45 minutes away. I am not goin there for service ever again, because they don't offer SERVICE!!!! Next closest dealer is 1 1/2 hrs away, and i don't want to drive that far every time i need something. I bought this Ferris May 22nd this year. Can i just call Ferris and say "I'm taking the mower and dropping it off at the dealer, please refund the money i have paid thus far and we'll call it even?"

    can i do that? i'm really tired of dealing with it. i may go to the dealer 1 1/2 hrs away and get them to fix it then i will sell it maybe if Ferris won't take it back.

    :help: :help: :help:
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    No! it don't work that way, your best bet if its not usable is to look into your states lemon law or the federal magnoson - moss act. I think if you call Ferris and explain the problem they will be of great help if not you might want to mention the lemon law.

  3. Mo Green

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    I doubt that Ferris wil take back the mower and call it even. If you like the mower, what I would do is contact Ferrris and let the know how you feel. Tell them that you are completely unhappy with that dealers treatment of your situation and that you will never use their services again, and that you will never buy another piece of Ferris equipment as long as you live. Don't be abusive, but let them know how you feel. If Ferris stands behind their product, then they will do something to remedy this problem.
  4. barnard

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    You say only a couple of "small" problems with the machine. "big" problems with dealer . I wouldn't expect Ferris to take it back.What problems with the machine and what problems with the dealer?
  5. The Captain

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    Like the others have said, contact Ferris Customer Service Dept. The higher up the corp. ladder you can go the better. Calmly, if possible, explain your probems with the mower and then explain the failure of the dealer. Give them his name, rank and serial number. Then you might add the fact there are 3 gazillion of us (potential customers) watching to see how they do or do not support their products and customers. Keep notes on the conversation and follow up with a letter to the company and 'cc' your state consumer fraud division. This may seem like a lot of B.S. to go through, but your not dealing with 'chump change' here. You paid dearly for that mower and should get what you paid for. Let us know how it goes.

  6. Runner

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    All of the above is solemn advice...especially keeping record of the contacts and lrtting them know about you mentioning it here. They are a "sponsor", after all. Tell them that many MANY of us will be watching and want to kept updated, because we want to see how they will handle this - compared to co's like Hustler and Exmark.
    You really do need to take some time out and write us a nice, informative thread explaining everything that has happened, so we are informed. Don't be afraid to mention the dealer. If it's fact, it's fact.
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    Eric - What kind of problems are you having with your ferris. As you know I also just bought one. I'm just curious if i need to be looking out for anything.

    I have talked to the people at ferris and they seem pretty nice hopefully they will help you.
  8. Gravely_Man

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    Eric, Sorry to hear you are having a problem. As pointed out contact Ferris and remember to keep us informed! You have nothing to lose by contacting them and everything to gain.

    Best of luck,
  9. FrankenScagMachines

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    To make a long story short, here's the primary problems-

    Right side hydro pump leaking- probably just a seal I beleive. Nothing major but it's leaked two or three quarts of hydro fluid in the 125 hrs i've put on it. Plus, all that oil was blown everywhere by the cooling fans and dust and dirt sticks to it, making a huge mess inside the machine and making it look like a 2000 hr leaky beat up unit.

    The deck lift mechanism is binding or jamming somewhere and i cannot locate the problem. It is all i can do to get it to the 4" cut position, cannot get it to transport forget about that.

    The deck anti-scalp wheel bolts are not strong enough when using the bagger- the blower fan for the bagger weighs sooo much that if you contact a root or something and all the weight is put on one of the wheels, it bends the bolt. It is on it's THIRD replacement wheel and bolt combo, all of which i have been swiping off of my 52" eXmark deck that just sits. Finally it has quit bending them, why i do not know. IMHO, it should have a bracket like Scag has with a brace on both sides of the wheel not just a bracket on one side. The machine is built very tightly and looks like a major pain to work on in the future when warranty is out. Everything is packed together. This is not a problem as long as i have warranty and it's not the biggest deal in the world, but I've been looking at the Scags and they are built better in ways mine is not and they are very open and easy to work on from what i can see. Plus i love the Scag dealer here, the only good dealer around i beleive. I really want to switch to Scag....

    Problems with dealer-
    Dealer is Dannemiller Hardware in Greenwood, Indiana. MAJOR problems with the service staff and even the owner. I have been lied to several times on various things, ignored and put off and treated like a pile of horse dung on many occasions. They lied to me many times about the arrival date of the triple bag Fast-Vac when they honestly had no clue when it would be in, they just pulled a date out of the blue. The owner (Jeff Dannemiller) lied to me about the warranty work and loaner machine policies then the service manager (Greg) tried to cover it up. Greg the service manager has treated me VERY bad many many times in person and on the phone. On my last phone call up there, Greg cussed me out and told me to take the bleepin peice of bleepin bleep somewhere else to get worked on. I beleive for once he is right and i will take his advice if i can find another place. There is a place in Franklin called Hendrens, but i used to work for them when they had a store in my town and i wasn't too impressed with some of their behavior either. The Franklin store may be better, but i'd rather find somewhere else if possible. Not badmouthing Hendrens for what it's worth, but when you work somewhere, you learn too much info. There is a place in Indy called Lyndhurst Mower Shop that i will try next i suppose. The problem is having time to drive up there and then they probably won't have a loaner machine for me anyway without charging some exhorbitant rental fee (Hendrens wanted $250 a day to rent me a JD! No way! i can't afford that anyway, much less would i want a JD, and yes i've used them before). I could put the 52" deck back on my eXmark to use for a while if needed, but all of my mowing would take a lot longer then i have to use the push mower in all of the gates which will take 3 times longer. And i barely have time to do all of my work as it is. The only rental options in my town are a Scag which is fine, but it's a 48" and i don't want to mix 48" with 52" stripes on my lawns. I'm going 3 and sometimes 4 directions with the stripes now and that would really mess things up. Their rental rates are more down to earth- i beleive $100 a day or something for the 48" tiger cub.

    So, as you can see, i'm really stuck between a rock and a hard spot and don't know what to do. I can't afford the driving (gas and time) to the dealer but will have to bear it i suppose. the 45 minute drive to Greenwood was as far as i wanted to go and that was pushing it. I used to go to church with the owner and thought i could trust him, i guess not. Really what i'm thinking about doing is clean up this Ferris, get the place in Indy to fix the problems, then sell it and get a Scag, or eXmark, something i know i can get fixed around here.

    Don't get me wrong, i like the Ferris just fine. it does a good job and gives a good ride quality. It's a great machine but a few bad apples can make a whole barrel go sour......

    Thanks guys,
  10. Eric 1

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    that is a tough spot.
    If its that bad.I would get it fixed and sell it,like you said.

    But why did you not get a scag in the first place?

    I am not to fond of the scag myself,but if it works it works.

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