can i fertilize without a liscense?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mikey, Jan 18, 2002.

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    hi i live in mass. can i fertilize without a liscense..or do u just need a liscense for spraying pesticide?Also for a common lawn what is th ebest fertilizer to apply in march?Also how many applications do u have to make..i hear all these horror stories of how a landscaprer burnesd a customers lawn whay is that?
    Are u only to make 1 pass with thew spreader and not to use the wqhole bag?im not an expert in this area....i only do what they tell me to do on the back of the bag and adjust my i right =b only making the one pass?

    thank u all everyone is so helpful and have answered a ton of my stupid questions..may we all prosper this year,and good health to all!!!!!!!

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    You should probably avoid fertilizing at all. First sign of weeds and they will be wanting weed control which you cannot apply without a licence and special insurance.
    As far as burning lawns, it can be done with granular as well as liquid. It is from over fertilizing. Maybe from just too much fert or improper overlapping or stopping while the lever is still open.
    Without experience, you can get into real trouble.

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