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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Big Bad Bob, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. Adam's Lawn and Garden

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    I agree with the magnets. That's what i use, and people love them. There heavier than paper so it's harder to lose and when people stick them on their fridge and then down the line when they do need something done, there you are.

  2. Brian B

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    i always have about 5 in my wallet and if someone asks for one i usually hand them 2 or 3 and say give one to a friend or relative or somebody. thanks for being interested.
  3. Prestige-Lawncare

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    Here's a little tip ... Sure you want a nice looking card, with all the right info on it and all ... but just remember that what the person will remember most about that card is how you presented yourself when you gave it to them.

    We sell image ... and the image you created in that first meeting with a prospective customer is very, very important.

  4. fiveoboy01

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    I always carry cards, in my truck, in my wallet, have them at my house, my parents have them, and so do a bunch of my friends.

    They cost nothing, and I pass them out, as was said, to pretty much anyone who will take them.

    I do like the idea of magnetic ones. How much are you guys paying for those?
  5. Prestige-Lawncare

    Prestige-Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    Cards are cheap ... pass them out!

  6. Waterscapes By Design

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    cards are kind of a necessary evil.....ya need to always have cards on hand, leave a stack in your vehicle, your wallet, your pocket, your house, your friends wallets....everywhere so you are always within reach of one.

    1 person calling from that card will pay for that batch plus the next 2-3 most likely......

    I also think that when someone does approach you and asks for one that you should take some time right then and there and talk to them about whatever it is they are wanting your card for....Be it, an estimate on something, or they are just tossing ideas around for something they want done, and then get them thinking about it right then and there and get as much info as you can. Ask them if they have a card as well and tell them you will give them a call in a couple of days or whenever to set up a time to come and take a look.

    By doing that you are committing them right there on the spot and putting it in their heads that you are going to see them again, dont be shy to get out there and make yourself some money....

    Business cards keep humans from having to smell each others asses like dogs do.....They're just something to let the other person get a sense of you and make a first connection.
  7. Team-Green L&L

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    I've learned through wasted money that business cards on magnets are ineffective. The purpose of a business card is too be as inexpensive as possible and handed out to everyone. has wonderful cards for $69 for 5000. We love them and save alot of money using them. If you want to use magnet then have magnets printed. They might actually make it to one of your client fridges.
  8. apowell18

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    I know at Home Depot and other stores they sell magnets that have a sticky side so you can stick your card tothem...I have not tried it because mine are double sided...has anyone tried this...I believe they sell for $10 for 50...I"m not sure, but that is definitely a cheap experiment for you guys wondering how it will work out...
  9. Robertsonslawnsinc

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    I would For sure say
    Full color... it is good to list what you do. but you have to have a button.
    people don't care what your name is. if people are thinking about landscape they need a picture of it. its the same thing with any company.
    and giving 50 out with out geting any leads I would think to keep doing what your doing 50 is not that many. and some one already said it give them out
    as much as you can . all the time I will be talking to some one not even work related and I will be like by the way my name is --- and give them a card.
    when I pump gas every monday I give a card to the same person in side everyweek she knows me and remembers me now and she gave my card to her friend
    give out more cards....
  10. Ed Ryder

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    I don't have business cards and haven't used them in years and years. I have no need for them since I am already busy. That's what I tell people who approach me on the street.

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