Can I legally do this?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by zmt5176, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. zmt5176

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    Hey, I'm new to this site and I have a question I was hoping I could get some answers about. I've never owned a lawncare business. I am in college studying to be a teacher and big goal of mine is to start my own lawncare business within the next 2 years to supplement my job here in Pennsylvania. However, at this point in time I'm just trying to make some extra money. So, here is the question. I have a hookup who works for the township and I can get mulch for free andytime i want. I have a truck and everything, so getting and hauling the mulch wouldn't be a problem. I came up with the idea to go around and do a little advertising with doorhangers or fliers and try to get a few mulching jobs. I figure it's early spring and a lot of people would be willing to pay me to spread their mulch so they don't have to do it. Like I said, I don't have a business and this would just be an under the table thing and I was wondering if it's even legal. I have yet to start doing this, because I know if you have a business you need a business license. I'm not really trying to start a full blown business at this point I would just like to do a little work and maybe get my feet wet. If anybody can help me out and give me a little feedback i would appreciate it. I'm just not looking to get myself in any kind of trouble.
  2. Runner

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    Anytime you make pay taxes. Plain and simple. What are you going to teach? History? Government? Business? Economics? Society? Ethics?
    I was more caught up attentionwise with the "mulcH' deal that is coming from the "hookup" at the township. What type of mulch is this?
  3. Splicer

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    Anytime you work "under the table" it is illegal...

    That what you gotta do...
  4. D and H Seasonal Services

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    Where are you in Pa
  5. soccer911

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    You can claim your mulch income on your personal taxes at the end of the year. You can pay in at that time or if you would receive a return you could elect to have you business taxes taken out of that total. Just an Idea:)
  6. John Gamba

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    Why don't you work a take out window for extra cash:clapping: That way you wont break any laws:hammerhead:
  7. John Gamba

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    This will never happen:hammerhead:
  8. StBalor

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    You can get mulch here for free also, but don't know if you would want to put it in a clients yard. The landfill here gives it away for free. It's not the best though.
  9. qualitylawnmanagement

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    Around here you will be turned in for it, cause your not paying taxes on what you claim as profit.
  10. BLS 2002

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    Start keeping track of all your expendatures (ins-outs) just like you would any other business. You don't need a business license to spread mulch or mow grass. Just need to claim it on your taxes. It's called a schedule C form you fill out at the end of the year. At least that's how it is in MD. So yes it is legal if you claim it.

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