can i move these trees and will they live??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jonspolaris, Mar 18, 2001.

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    i have a neighbor that has 10 austrian pines on his property. they are just over the property line between us and him. he dident buy the trees they were planted by the developer before he bought the property. the trees range in size from 6"-8" in caliper and are all very healthy. they are planted pretty close to each other to create a screen.

    what are the chances of these surviving if i have these moved?? the soil is the same on my part as his. i would water them to help the roots establish.

    he is ofering me the trees for free,i just have to move them.

    we are located in southeast michigan.

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    Moving a 6-8" tree will probably require a spade. Look for a tree mover in your area and get them to give you a quote. The only problem with a spade is that you might only be able to save every second tree.

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    root prune prior to moving and move them when they are dormant and you will have a better chance of them surviving. And per the other post you will need a spade or at least some form of heavy equipment to move them.
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    It is definitaly not out of the question that these trees can be hand dug. My brother has a guy come dig trees for him and he can hand dig something that size. He charges him $45 for a 44 inch ball and they are about that size( maybe a little smaller) and the guys says he can dig anything on his property( he has some big stuff). Try calling some one who digs for a nursery they can probaly do it and will know the right time to do it. Check to see how those Pines transplant some dont transplant well.
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    OK guys:)

    A 6" Austrain pine is about 7' tall, you need a 42" root ball on them.
    Move them before they candle out or move then in August after the candles have hardened off, root pruning would be good, If it was me I would root prune now and move them in August only root prune 1/2 the plant at a time.

    What type of soil do you have?
    Remember more plants are killed with over watering than under watering.

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