Can i pull a 36-40 ft gooseneck with a 3/4 ton cummins?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mrusk, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. mrusk

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    In a couple months i am going to have to buy a 36 or 40 ft gooseneck trailer. I need to move fiberglass pools from my yard to my job site. The pools allw eight 2500lbs or less. And i doubt i will be moving more than one at a time. Do you think my 05 Ram 2500 Cummins can do it saftly? Or do i have to upgrade trucks.

  2. BSDeality

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    shouldn't be a problem with a cummins.

    what about off-loading? how are you planning on moving them? we had a guy come up from Jersey with ours.

    Here was his setup
  3. mrusk

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    BS- The pools i sell are only 6 feet deep and its a linear slope from the low end to the deep end. The manufacture recommened me hauling them flat on the trailer right side up. I got to see if i can put them on their side like your guy did.

    How wide was the guy? Did he have to have a oversize load escort? I am either going to unload the pools with a hired crane or a 120 excavator.

    Moving these pools is going to be the biggest pain in the arse for me!

  4. mow king

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    Shouldn't a problem.

    The trailer should weigh about 8000 pounds empty

    so you're looking at 10,500 gross.

    Not a problem for your truck.
  5. Eclipse

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    I agree, it will not be a problem.
  6. BSDeality

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    he was 12' wide I believe. he did have escorts and required some special permits for one of the bridges. Just to clarify the guys crane truck was also the tow-rig. Very efficient operation. He arrived 3:45pm unhooked the truck & trailer in the driveway did some final hole-prep work. One of the escort drivers was his worker, they left the crane truck and headed to the hotel in the escort car. the next morning we lifted it off the trailer, flipped it over and spun it 180* and put it in the hole. Plumbed everything up and he was gone by 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

    He said he's been doing it for years this way, he started with an excavator at the site, but he said the crane truck is 100x better for his operation since he just wants to do the deliveries and basic install (no backfill/grade work) within 500 miles of jersey. He would get jammed up with an excavator that was too small, or wasn't even on-site.
  7. Baywatch

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    You should be fine. I just pulled my boat, 36' boat and 41' trailer, 600 miles at 70mph and didn't even know it was behind me. My Gross is Close 14,000 and I was using my 3500 dodge cummins 4x4 with the SRW.

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