Can I recruit in Mexico and pay you to do the paperwork?

Discussion in 'Marcus Drake Consultants' started by Az Gardener, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Az Gardener

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    I am fairly close to the border and have a neighbor who is a legal documented alien from Mexico. He comes and goes about every other week. He keeps offering to send me some good help but I want to keep it legit. I was wondering if he could do my recruiting and have you do the paperwork for the H2B program?
  2. mojob

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    Surely there must be some good red-blooded Americans that need a job. You're contributing to the immigration problem. Why don't you offer to pay more money and you probably wouldn't have to look south of the boarder. You know what would be cool, if your help scraped up enough scratch to put together a lawn care company of their own and then steal all your accounts by offering super low prices. What do you think? After all, they're just after the american dream too.
  3. Az Gardener

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    I pay my gardeners 40-k a year plus benefits. I wont hire illegals. No one has to steal my accounts because after a time I will give them accounts so they can have the American dream, because there really is enough for everyone. I have this as a standing offer to anyone who wants to come to work with us and learn the craft of gardening.

    Thank you for your unsolicited advice on a subject you know nothing about, my company and my market. In the future please do not respond unless you have something of value to add.

    Welcome to lawn site.
  4. mojob

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    $40k plus benefits and you still have to go to mexico to find help? I can smell that fertilizer all the way up here. BTW, it's a public forum. I'll chime in when I feel like it.
  5. YardPro

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    yes you can chime in whenever you want, but when you say stupid remarks like that to an established and reputable member, expect to get some flack.

    you did not just "chime in" you made remarks that were totally unfounded about the operation of his business.

    it's hotheads like you that give americans a bad name around the world.

    We also pay $30K + per year and struggle to find decent employees. The americans we get to do this type of work ( labor) have MAJOR malfunctions..
    the hispanics do not feel that hard work is " beneath" them...

    the immigration problem you refer to is not cuased by americans looking to hire hispanics, it is cuased by americans NEEDING to hire hispanics due to the poor work ethis that has been fostered by all of our pampering of our youth.

    The " time out" generation is not entering the workforce and has never had do do chores, or mow the grass, or wash the family cars, or help dad with home repairs... etc... they have had everything handed to them on a silver spoon and have become whiners that cannot perform a hard day's work.
  6. Marcus Drake Consultants

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    Yes, of course, please contact us as soon as possible.

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