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    My question is can I replace a 18hp recoil start with a 18hp electric start? I found a used scag 18hp vanguard. The motor has some oil around the heads, runs good doesn't really smoke. I found a 18 hp electric start for around $600 but its electric start. I found a recoil 18hp for around $900. My game plan was to buy the mower for $750 run it till it dies then install electric start 18hp and battery. Can this be done without alot of extra work? Thanks for any info
  2. jkason

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    You will ned to change the wiring harness, key switch, mount a battery and if the shaft is not the same size, change the clutch/pulleys and belts
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    What he said, it has been done before but it's quite a bit to it...

    In my opinion you're as well off keep shopping for an 18hp recoil, they are a little more expensive than ES but if the ES is going for 600 then you should be able to find a recoil for 650-750 or thereabouts, maybe 800 but 9 is sounding a bit outrageous I think.

    Depending on the mower, if the deck size isn't any bigger than 52" and it's a belt drive I think a 15hp Kohler would do as well, matter of fact if money is the issue I would quickly consider the 15hp Vanguard.
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    If you aren't adverse to recoil start, it might be simpler to add those parts to an electric start engine??
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    Another thing I forgot to mention - trying to pull start an 18hp engine is like cranking a model T - it can be done, but it's no fun.
    Most recoil starter parts can't handle the abuse you will give it trying to start an engine that large.

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