Can I rot out my stumps?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by shovelracer, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. shovelracer

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    OK we just took down 2 large oaks in front of my house. They are right on the edge of the road and driveway. The driveway is coming out in a month or two. The stumps will need to be removed when this happens. Im looking for a quick way to rot out these stumps so when we dig we are just digging up rotting wood and not grinding or cutting roots. What can I use, how long does it take, where can I get it. Thanks
  2. fastcat

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    drill lots of hole in it as deep as you can it will help it rot faster. will still take a while but will speed it up some what. if you love in the country u can fill those holes with kerosene and let it soak a day and the burn the stump out.
  3. shovelracer

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    Yes it in the country, but since its right on the road burning could be a problem. Ive heard before of people dumping some sort of chemical in the drilled holes to rot it out in like a month. Cant remember what it was though. Boric Acid? Lye? Caustic Soda?
  4. fastcat

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    if your needing it complety gone fast the best thing is going to be a stump grinder
  5. Swampy

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    A ships auger will get you deep enough if your just going to bore some holes. But depending on what kind of oaks they were a mini excavator might work. The best way I found was to get one of those old weber grills that look like a demented ball and cut a big hole on the bottom of it. Then just dump some charcoal in it light a match and let it sit on there for a day or two, keep a eye on it fires shouldn't be left unattended and to check if you need to add more coals. It should burn out the center and then you can just pound in the sides with a sedge hammer.
  6. prizeprop

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    Sounds painful!
  7. jkingrph

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    Saw a product in a hardware store a few years ago called stump remover. It was simply ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Instructions were to drill large holes fill with the "stump remover" add diesel fuel let set a few days the start fire
  8. Mark Bogart

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    Ammonium nitrate mixed with diesel fuel creates a bomb!
  9. General Landscaping

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    Not really.... the oil is just there to slow the absorption of water by the AN.

    It is a relatively stable high order.

    You can find it in first aid cold packs as well.
  10. RGM

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    When I was a young i worked for my grandfather on Saturdays he had a nursery he used drill holes and pour milk on the stump to make them rot faster

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