Can I seed now?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by forgop, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. forgop

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    I live in Indianapolis and I have some spots around a patio I put down some topsoil to fill in some ruts. I regraded around the patio and seeded in the fall. Needless to say, I have a big spot where the seed didn't come up very well. The yard is soft as can be from all the rain we've had and I want to put straw down so my dog can run around the entire yard without coming in without being a big mess. I'd like to seed it before I cover the top of it up with straw.

    Will it be a waste of seed to put it down before the ground freezes? I will definitely put down crabgrass preventative down for next year and will ask them to leave those areas alone so I can try to get the grass to fill in during the spring. My understanding is that with the crabgrass preventative down, I won't get grass to grow in those areas. I don't want to have to worry about the ground being really soft and muddy all summer if it's bare.

    Thanks for any info you could give me.
  2. J Hisch

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    You can dormat seed, you will not see much results but in the sprin g you will notice a little. Dormat seeding is mostly for overseeding though, but give it a try.
  3. Garden Panzer

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    I seed in the winter, though my zone is unique....
    That said, here's what I do...
    After seeding I'll use clear plastic and cover the seeded area, this allows light (warmth) to get through the plastic, it keeps in the moisture and stops the late fall rains from washing away the seed and soil and warmth in the soil...
    That said, cover it up!
  4. muddstopper

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    Yes you can dormant seed now. You will probably see spoty growth until spring when it should fill in. One problem you will have reguardless when you seed is the dog. If he is going to be running thru your new seeding you can expect to see no growth rreguradless how you plant the grass. If you want grass you will need to keep the dog off of it until it becomes established.
  5. forgop

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    I was going to put a bunch of straw over the seed, so whether that'll help, I don't now.
  6. Garden Panzer

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    Straw works,too. It's about insulation of the soil structure and the contact with the seed...
  7. grassman2001

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    You can't dormant seed in this area til late January or early Febuary .

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