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Can it be done full time???

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by $DIXIECHOPPER$, Apr 15, 2012.


    $DIXIECHOPPER$ LawnSite Member
    Messages: 31

    i will graduate in a year from college and i have been running my uncles lawn service since 09. I want to try and take on my own business upon graduating and trying to take it on full time. Now i know the 15 yards we have now will not cut it but i plan to buy him out and try to pick up another 15 or so. now my questions are:

    1. How many yards would be considered full-time working alone?

    2. Is there anything i can do now to make things easier in the future?

    3. How can i use my commercial places such as starbucks coffee, several sonics, and a lawyers office that are used regularly by the public.
  2. TheGoat

    TheGoat LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 273

    1. How much time, total, does it take you to do 15 per week?
    2. More clients. A greater cash flow will make things easier.
    3. Not sure what exactly you are asking here.
  3. CozyHollow

    CozyHollow LawnSite Member
    Messages: 130

    I think he wants to know if he can eventually receive a full time income with the business he'll be takin' over without having to work any other job, basically "make a decent living" so to speak...

    Reason why I'm replying to this is because I desire to go full time eventually (like yesterday if possible) but so far only a couple Spring Clean Outs, a mulch bid I'm working on (bid one already to no avail) a bi-weekly residential account for $30 and a weekly for $25...not to mention the 600 plus local door to door post cards I delivered, advertising in a local bulletin ($1,200.00 of unforeseen expense there) and a DRIVE to get out from under working for ANYONE but myself...can get pretty damn discouraging to say the least...

    I have off on Tuesdays and take care of housework, laundry, kids after school, etc. So I had a couple hours today to look at a mulch job 35 minutes from my house. I usually do the best to utilize my off day for the business (door to door advertising, bids, etc.) but the 2 cuts I have so far both wanted Friday...so I bust A$$ to get done my day job so I can cut them after work and get home to relax on Friday night.

    My ONLY input is ADVERTISE your A$$ OFF!!! Can it be done? Can you make a decent living off of running your own landscaping maintenance business full time as a SOLO operator? Sure you can! ...or I wouldn't be starting my own. Get as many accounts even if you gotta turn away 3/4 of the estimates due to low balling whiners who want something for nothing...yeah, been there too!

    OH! ...and CRUNCH the numbers along with the hours it takes you per day, ie. 10 lawns per day @ $35 - $55 - etc. per lawn @ "X" amount of hours = "whatever" your goal is...I'm sure you get my points.
  4. KrayzKajun

    KrayzKajun LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 10,737

    only you can decide if you make enough to go fulltime. you may only need $2k amonth to live some us tht doesnt evn cover monthly bills.
  5. CozyHollow

    CozyHollow LawnSite Member
    Messages: 130

    Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a good book to read. Deals with the mind and thoughts...just started reading it a few hours ago. Pretty good info. so far.
  6. cpllawncare

    cpllawncare LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,659

    Yes it absolutly can be done full time, it's being done everyday by folks on here and elsewhere. Just take it slow and become a student of the industry, that's what I have done and this is my best year yet thus far.

    $DIXIECHOPPER$ LawnSite Member
    Messages: 31

    On average i can do 8 yards a day. (pick up trash, mow, trim, edge, blow, poison).....

    Thanks, im sure it will just take time to develop the experience
  8. southgalawns

    southgalawns LawnSite Member
    from ga
    Messages: 110

    I believe that you can make a great living doing it solo, I have 8 accounts ranging from $40/cut to $150/cut. I work 50+ hours at a poultry plant as a yard jockey for health insurance and landscape on the side, the landscaping pays for my gas bill and house payment in 2 days a week. I would love to go full time, just wish health insurance wasn't so expensive, especailly with a baby girl on the way.
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  9. cpllawncare

    cpllawncare LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,659

    You shouldn't let insurance be the reason not to go full time with the proper marketing and managing you can build a business thay pays you enough to afford insurance, people are doing it everyday!
  10. TheGoat

    TheGoat LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 273

    Build a website.

    My website has been my absolute best advertising investment BY FAR.

    hosting and domain name runs around $80 a year and all of my most profitable accounts come for there.

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