Can it be done full time???

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by $DIXIECHOPPER$, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Man that is SO GOOD to hear bro! What "year" is this for you? And are you solo or do you have someone with you? Just LOOKING for encouragement man...and I ain't givin' up by no means.
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    I HEARD THAT!!! :clapping:

    Yo $DIXIECHOPPERS$, I ain't tryin to overtake your thread but DAMN I NEEDED TO HEAR cpllawncare's posts! ...been a long day working for nuthin and when I'm tired, **** just really gets to me. :drinkup:
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    Really, How's that?
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    One of the hardest things about this is staying motivated, but one thing that helps me is I learned very quickly I'm not going to work for nothing contrary to what people generally think, and I'm not the kid next door either. That's why I try to maintain a professional image at all times. At the end of the day I feel like I've worked and earned a decent days pay, which for me is motivation to keep going. This is my second year full time, My phone rings everyday almost, my business is growing and I'm happy, I want everybody that truly desires it to be successful, it's a great feeling.
  5. CozyHollow

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    It's my "day job" that's killing me (driving for a piss ant paying company)...I can't wait to get to the point where my phone rings daily. MUCH needed inspiration bro! I'm with you when it comes to maintaining a professional image as well. I'm very courteous, clean cut and communicate VERY well...thanks again and keep up making our trade something to be PROUD of. :drinkup:
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    I'm not sure I understand your question.
  7. ryan41

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    How many lawn accounts would you need to be considered full time as a solo op?
    I don't cut anything below $35.00
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    don 't make the mistake of thinking that after you quit working for a company and go out and start mowing grass that you are your own boss
    -You always have someone that is going to somewhaty boss you around...even when you get to be a decent sized company-

    -larger accounts are great, but they demand more of your time and can be unforgiving...always wanting work done asap and last minute...ruining your vacations and family plans
    ...small accounts can give you the run around as well...asking you to do stuff for dirt cheap and asking you to come inside to help replace a bulb...all well and fine when you are working alone, but when you get employees its a whole different problem
    ---I've got LOTS of stories that used to keep me up at night wondering how I could have delt with something better-
    -lots of stories about having to wait to get paid and listened to plenty of excuses as to why people couldn't show up for work

    ...all that said, its a blast...jump in, don't be afraid, there are not many sharks in the water
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    Depends on what you "need" to make a living. 10 lawns daily x $35 = $350 x 5 days = $1750. Remember maintenance to keep things running AND winters off. Not bad for a single guy. Now add a wife and 2 kids on top...hell I make just over $500 driving 44 hours a week. So $1750 a week (being conservative) would be a HUGE step up for me...
  10. ryan41

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    I am currently working at The Home Depot part time, nights (15-38 hours a week). I am also going to be attending MATC for Horticulture/Landscape associate degree in the fall. this schools Program seems really cool it goes over plant ID, arborculture, construction, desiging, running a business and so on. It seems really cool. I am just wondering with the way the economy is and everything if i can still make a decnt living in this field? I am getting quite a bit of work right now. A lot of people do not have time to take care of there landscape because they are working to much. I understand that it is not easy to start up a business it takes time just wondering how many lawn accounts it would take to make a decnt living.

    Cozy Hollow - I thought about driving truck back when i was about to graduate high school in 2010. I was told nobody would hire me until i was like 22 because of insurance/state laws. So i decided not to get my CDL. I thought if my lawn business does not work out i would try that. How do you like driving truck?

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