Can my dodge handle it?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by junior89, Oct 28, 2013.

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    I agree with everyone else, that truck will the 7x14 just fine. Just make sure you've got good trailer brakes.
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    the 4.7 i had in a dakota and pulled a single axle 6.5x12 without a had trailer package included from factory additional trans cooler/hitch but no brake controller....I often wanted to go to the enclosed trailer but thought the truck was too small. But, since you have the 1500 you'll be fine with either choice...they both have their advantages. No one knows your situation better than you. Look at which will fit your current and future needs the best...
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    UPDATE: After thinking about it I decided to go buy the 7x14 instead of the 6x12 but unfortunately when I got there the guy had just sold it. But he still had the 6x12 enclosed V nose trailer for sale. To make a long story short the guy had just retired and was in a financial jam. I ended up buying the trailer for an awesome deal I couldn't say no to. I know my equipment is going to be tight after I measured the 50" I plan on buying I'm only going to have about 3" of clearence on both sides. But I'm happy with the trailer it will fit my needs currently and I have more money now for my equipment but I'll have to upgrade in the future when my business grows but when I go to buy a bigger one I'll sell the 6x12 and make a a nice profit. I'll post a picture soon. Again thanks for your opinions and suggestions and yes I'm planning on adding a trans oil cooler to the truck
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    If the trailer doesn't have brakes, you need to add them. The first time someone pulls out in front of you, you'll plow them. My first 7'X12' didn't have them. I learned my lesson.

    6' width isn't enough for the mower you anticipate buying, if you only have 3" of clearance. That doesn't sound right, as 6' equals 72" and you're putting 50" into it. That's a 22" difference; about the same as what I'm doing.

    A V-nose would've allowed you to get all your perspective equipment comfortably loaded. I think I'd head down to your mower dealer with your 36" and see if the 50" truly will fit. Then, you can have time to plan over the winter if things don't fully workout the way you thought.

    You have to be careful about weight, as others have said. I'm certain your tires are going to be the failure point. That trailer should have C-rated tires on it, which are 50psi max. With those two mowers on it, the tires will look like water balloons ready to burst. I upgraded mine to 15"X6" rims and Maxxis 225 10-ply tires (E-rated and 80psi). I kept the C-rated as spares. Some small trailers will not take that much width. Maxxis offer a D-rated tire in a 205 that is 65psi max and will gain you ~300lbs of extra capacity per tire. It's not much, but, may help.

    Here's my setup, which may give you some ideas. I really do need to get a thread started.

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