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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by crazycritterguy, Jun 25, 2005.

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    Or at least their own observations with the different blade styles... I run a Scag Turf tiger, 27 Kohler, 61" cut...just for my own mini the machine, but it's time to sharpen the blades that came with it...just made 100 hours...found a few rocks on the way...anyway, WHAT EXACTLY IS THE DIFFERENCE between the standard, high lift, and wide high life blades? I don't mulch the grass, just throw it. Are the "specialty" blades like raptors worth the $$$? Anyway, let me know what ya' think. Thanks!
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    Last few sets of blades I've tried are the Mamba Hi-Lift mulching blades from j-thomas, they are a thicker blade (.250) than the standard (.204) but I can't really say I'm sold on them after trying a couple sets. I have a Scag TT 23 hp/lc kaw w/ a 52" deck and a Tiger Cub 19 hp kaw with a 48" deck tried the blades on both. They may be good for use in the early part of the season when the turf is thick and very healthy. I have been kicking around just ordering the standard blades (12 for each mower for the discount) and seeing how that goes. I really had no problem with the standard blades that came with the mowers.

    just my .02

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