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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by pro_cutter, Jun 17, 2009.

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    hey everyone im new to the site and new to the owning your own business world. ive been doing landscaping for about 8 years. but i just recently started my own and i just got a lead on a commercial account.

    there are 7 stores they want done. to start out they want mulching and weekly property maintence and weekly blowing of the parking lot. they want me to bid it out for a year at a monthly price. the only thing is 3 or 4 of the stores are like 2 hours away from me so could you help me on bidding for gas and everything else.any suggestions woud be great thanks.
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    Either find another company closer to those stores you can sub them out to or I would pass. There is no way I would be driving hours away to mow and or maintain a property. I thought driving 45 minutes away to mow 1 of 8 Wendy's was bad.
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    2 or 3 hours means 4 to 6 hours round trip? that seems to far and unless you sub it out and or can charge them for your travel time dont take it you will loose money.. i travel within a 1 hour radius of my base... but 3 hours is crazy unless you are getting paid for it being you will be paying your men to drive it eventually, so if you send to guys who you pay 15 and hour to do that, just to get there and back will cost you $150 in labor for drive time plus fuel and wear and tear on your truck and trailer before you start to make money on the job...

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