can someone help me out with search engine optimization?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by TaylorLandscapingLLC, May 21, 2013.

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    I admit im ignorant when it comes to the specifics on internet marketing. Im good at doing investigation and searches, but trying to educate myself on the ins and outs of seo is becoming more time consuming than i can afford. Im looking for someone that knows more about this than I do and is willing to help me out any way they can. I dont have a lot to put towards it and i cant believe how many phone calls i get a week offering their services. I tell them i dont have alot of money and they come back with $350 a month with a 2 year obligation. does anyone have any insight or a good company to recommend that wont rip me off or work within my budget? or maybe someone that understands it that might be able to give me some pointers? thanks.
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    You can do it yourself, but, beyond the SEO, you really need to address the other problems with the site. Even if you start getting traffic, it's just not designed to engage or convert your visitors. Yellow, red, and light purple text on a deep grey background are, in no way, a good idea. It's one of those things where you can go to any high-ranking web site of your choosing (pick an industry) and see if you can find successful sites that have that. They don't because it's simply not readable. Same goes for centered content. We aren't conditioned to read centered content. You won't see that in the New York Times or Realistically, your business web site is not really the place to go on a whim and create what you think looks cool or nice. Go with what works, even if that means "leveraging" what you see on other sites. They do it for a reason. Allow their research and testing budget benefit you.

    - I'd start by adding your location and service area info. You mention your town a total of one time.
    - Expand on your services by actually writing what you do. Bulleted lists don't cut it.
    - The before & after page pictures (sorry to be blunt) don't work in your favor. It's like playing Where's Waldo to spot the differences, mostly because the yards are absolute disasters. All these do is call attention to the fact that your other pictures are crystal-clear stock photography.

    My advice would be to spend some time in this sub-forum, read the "review request" posts until your eyes dry out (there are many), because they will apply to your site and current situation. Read and digest what you see and then apply what you learn to your own site.

    To help on the SEO end, check out these two guides:

    Read those and then you'll be in a better position to work on your site, ask for advice or clarifications, and get your site ranking.
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    Thanks a bunch for the honest criticism. its going to help alot when I go to redesign the site. When I bought the domain name I was just eager to get something up so I could get my business cards made with the website on them. I know it doesnt look professional and I would like to redesign it to be more pleasing and enticing to the customers. I wish people didnt want me to retain them long term with such high prices. I cant afford to spend $2-3k on website and search engine op alone. I would be willing to maybe spend $500 one time for someone to build a great site and get me in the 7 pack google search results but im not sure that is a realistic number to hope for in the internet marketing industry. I just dont know enough about how much things should cost versus what people are asking for! thanks again and ill take your advice.
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    Whatever amount you have, spend it "on page". Do enough research to find someone to build you a half way decent site- even if you can only afford 3-5 pages.

    Once that is rolling turn your attention to "citations". Look over this forum,, for more specific info on ranking in the 7-pack.
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