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Can someone ID this tree disease?



LawnSite Senior Member
You need to time the Acephate or oil applications when the crawler stage was active.

Some other tips here:
Which is when the topical sprays were put down, I'm wondering about oils to help kill overwintering insects once the foliage is gone.


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Mt. Laurel, NJ
Glad to hear your timing was right for crawlers.
From the same article:
With good spray coverage, horticultural oil sprays may kill all stages of scales that are present at the time of application, and often give good control as they kill by suffocation. However, as with all pesticides, multiple applications may be necessary depending upon the scale species and the degree of infestation. It may take multiple applications to control the armored scales because of the layers of adult scales protecting each other, but the horticultural oil is the most efficient, the safest and the least harmful to beneficial insects.