Can someone in CT please help me so I can be fully legit, my town is clueless!!

Discussion in 'Network: North' started by DSF1983, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. DSF1983

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    I went to my town in Shelton, CT so I can pay taxes and run a legal landscaping business and the people there don't know sh**! They were clueless and I had to walk around to ask in every room in town hall. Well I gave up and ended up doing something that I think I messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have to sign up for DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE SERVICES?? So when I make a sale for mowing like $50 CT gets the tax from mowing that one lawn?? I went on CT website and I reg on DRS.

    Please help me I don't want to be a low baller or a scab. I have heard good things about LAWNSITE. I have worked for a guy for 4 years and ran his crew and now I want to run my own business as a SOLE PROPRIETOR.
  2. dreich3075

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    you have to register your name with the town. You also have to get a tax id number and register with the IRS. Also have to register to collect sales tax and send it in(usually quarterly). There is something else im forgetting tho...hmmm
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    You can skip some of that town crap Incorporate with the state and the town is not needed. So now your a corporation you will need a sales and use permit you will collect sales tax and send it in every month or quarter depending on your size. Other then that your want a home improvement contractors license its required for any job over 200 dollars. Yet 8 years and 1.4 million in sales later iv not had to show it once. As for you already registering that may have been a mistake what if you don't get to have the name you wanted cause its in use. You see there is an order to do things. With out your name you can't move on just about everything else Advertising bank accounts p.o. box you name it so that's first priority is either trade name or incorporate. And that means you need to know what style tax business your going to be sole proprietor , partnership,LLC, S Corp (that's me) C Corp in other words talk to an accountant and get some advice on that first.

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    i did it all through my accountant.
  5. Tvov

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    Find an accountant who is experienced with small business. If you have an insurance agent, they may be able to refer you to an accountant. Especially if you plan on having employees, you need financial advice.

    This may or may not apply to you, but as to the local town hall, remember that you may have a home office, or be storing some equipment on your property, but you are not doing business on your property. This is an important distinction if someone at town hall starts making noise about you running a commercial operation from a residential property. You are actually doing business on the customers property.

    Don't panic - find an accountant (or small business lawyer who may give you an initial free consultation) to figure out the paperwork. If you've made any mistakes, they can be corrected.

    Good luck!
  6. DSF1983

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    So I didn't have to to sign in this website?? They want like $100 every year. It says something about filling an OS-114. I remember it asking me if I sell goods like cigarettes and I said no. I remember signing into two things through CT website. I got a tax number but I really wanted an EIN number.

    I thought will a landscaping business you just wait till tax time and do your taxes. What form doe we have to fill out? So I should charge tax for a $50 lawn which will be $53?
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    just go to an accountant and ask him all these questions, your gonna need an accountant anyways.
  8. DSF1983

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    How much is an accountant to ask for advice like this? Someone said there is a website package for like $200 and they set everything up for you.
  9. DSF1983

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    Did I need this too?

  10. scagwildcat

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    a few more things you need to know about the home improvement lic, you need one to install anything permanent to any property, this includes mulch,plantings, you will need liability insurance, also you will need to call, Call before you dig, law states that you need to call even if you hand shovel, if someone complains, its 5k in fines per dig. also if you call for emergency dig number and its not a emergency, the fine goes to 30k, although the fines for hand digging are stupid in most cases and no one calls to plant a shrub, people can still drive by and call you in... just be aware of all the laws that are out there..

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