Can someone in CT please help me so I can be fully legit, my town is clueless!!

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    it cost more to incorporate and is more complicated. I did a sole proprietor for $12.50 in New London. $7.50 for the DBA, $4 for notarize and a $1 for paperwork. Used my social security number for tax purposes and opened a bank account for free.
    You may have to get a home improvement license if your not doing just maintenance.
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    All set got it done at Town Hall for a SOLE PROP and got the papers for the DBA so I can go to the bank to start an account. I think the total cost was around $14. The guy said I can run the business in my house but CANNOT HAVE MY WORKERS MEET AT MY HOUSE.
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    That is not unusual. When (or if) you get employees you can arrange to meet them somewhere and bring them back to help with the morning setup before heading out to work. You could also have an employee drive a company truck home, and pickup/dropoff other employees on the way.

    There is also a rumor that some small businesses have employees meet somewhere and all pile into one car to come to work, so that there is only one extra car, not 4 or 5 cars, parked in the yard.

    Good job getting setup. Good luck and make money!
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    Should I try and do my taxes or have an accountant do it? How much does it usually cost for an accountant to do it?

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