Can someone please help me with my lawn?


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Heyy everyone, I just wanted to get some advice on our lawn. Me and my husband have had the hardest time keeping our lawn nice. We bought our house 4 years ago and this problem has been happening the last 2. I have no idea what kind of grass we have and what kind of weeds (if thats what its called) that are growing. Ive attached a few pictures of what our lawn looks like in a matter of 2 weeks. What can I do to get rid of those pesky weeds ( the white flower looking things).

Thank you in advance if anyone can help!






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fertilize your lawn, with a bag of weed and feed. You have a yard full of white clover it is a broadleaf weed. I use a ride on spreader with a boom sprayer so I dont do granular weed control. I know there are some hose end sprayers that you can get at home depot that you can spray on there as well. Remember with fertilizer and weed control more is not better follow the instructions. good luck

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If clover is an indictator of low N then why do my lawns still get clover when I hit them w/ 46-0-0 ?
Do your lawns look like the pictures above?


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Thanks for the help! We will be heading to home depot in the morning and see what we can find. We are inthe middle of nowhere in Mississippi so our options are limited as far as stores go. But again, thank you!
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Clover lawns are becoming the "In Thing" nowdays, so other than the flowers you may want to keep it that way... The Problem I see with killing off all that clover, what will you have left to call a lawn???