Can the work get any slower

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Sep 13, 2008.

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    I was hoping the work around here would have picked up this September. It hasn't it has got even slower. I was hoping the landscaping and clean up work would start with the weather being nice people would want to do fall clean up.

    I was even hoping that the excavation contractors would pick up and I could get some part time work that isn't happening. I have been asking around and there isn't much out there.

    The realestate market is so dead even cheaper houses are not even moving it is making the realtors a little worried. I usually get some work from people that are selling and they need to get rid of 20-30 years worth of junk. I had one estate clean up this year and my regular customers don't have anything for me. I usually have the old over 65 crowd wanting something cleaned up and removed from their house or garage.

    My sawmill friends are not doing any cutting I haven't got a delivery at all this summer or this year.

    I'am not being negative but its the reality how fast the economic boom has ended. I was wishing something would pick up I want to get back to running equipment again or driving truck. Most of the contractors have their gravel trucks parked and excavators sitting not working.

    Usually September things get rolling after the summer is over with.

    Talking to a guy I know that works for the muni he said keep your job atleast your working. I guess he is right there are lots of guys right now not knowing if they will have work next month.

    It looks like a career change isn't a wise move this year when you have people telling me be thankfull you have a job. It is frustrating when your stuck in a rut and can't get out. What really makes me cranky is I can't even afford a house we crunched the numbers and my wages are not high enough for a 300,000 house the mortgage payment is 1700 a month :dizzy:

    I don't want to move to Vancouver and live like a rat in somebodies cockroach infested 1 bedroom basement suite. Vancouver is the only area that has any work you can slave your azz off for low wages.

    My brother is self-employeed in the fabrication and repair business he is just barely making it with the economy being so bad right now. Stressed to the max trying to make his payments. Contractors want him to do jobs but they say they can't pay the bill for a few months or pay in installments.

    I'am just ranting and frustrated that the gov't isn't doing nothing about the resource industry ie the Forestry and Fishing and mining that is going down the toilet. The realestate market has flopped the sales are gone like a fart in the wind. The B.C. gov't is only interested in the 2010 Olympics and raising taxes. Another logging company on Vancouver island is going out of business more guys being put out of work.

    Talking to a mechanic I know the other day who works for a utility company he said things are not as rosey as people think it is.

    The job losses are getting out of hand but the gov't doesn't give a rats ---.

    Pretty hard to be positive when you know guys jobs are on the line.
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    It's the SSDD with you Rat, just plain old SSDD :cry::cry:
  3. RockSet N' Grade

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    I think you should write a letter or have a meeting with your boss and explain your position: You want more money, a raise, because you feel you are entitled to want to work less hours and not as hard because it cuts into your free time.......Maybe you should start picketing........SSDD
  4. AWJ Services

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    First Gravel Rat and know a Utility mechanic saying the same thing!

    It all must be true.We are all doomed.
    I think I will just stay home and not waste my valuable time working anymore.Whats the point?It is all Futile.As a matter of fact I will call my bank and tell them too come get the house and move my family into a car.I mean it is all going too end soon anyway.
    With the world ending anyway due too the new underground black hole maker in Europe it is inevitable.
  5. dozerman21

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    Ever heard of Punxsutawney Phil? Instead of coming out every winter to check on how long until spring, you pop out every week, complain, and crawl back into the basement. You seem to have some knowledge about trucks and maybe excavators but put none of it to use. At least Phil sees a positive outlook half of the time!:usflag:
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    Head down to the US gulf coast. Gonna be work for years. Texas' economy has been booming for the most part. So much so that it's hard to find used dump trucks. Going to be tough for the local contractors to keep up with regular work load and infrastructure work much less take on storm cleanup. Gustav and Ike left a mess and I know they were still cleaning up 3 yrs. later after Rita in E. Tx.
  7. J. Peterson Grading

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    I'm turning work down. So dry your eyes there cry baby and move some place else.

  8. AWJ Services

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    Work is finally starting too pick up here.
  9. wanabe

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    How much does anyone want to bet me that GR will start another doom and gloom post next week? I seriously can not take any more of it! my dad still works for the local ready mix plant and they are working almost 70 hours a week. But I guess people just buy concrete to look at? Maybe GR forgot to fill them in?
  10. Gravel Rat

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    Forestry in B.C. isn't expected to recover from the massive slow down till 2012 untill then large job losses and companies that have been in business for decades go under.

    The one reason is the USA is flooded with lumber the houses in the USA are not selling. I guess not there is something like 471,000 house forclosures in the USA. Washington state has had 6000 forclosures,4500 bankruptcies then in California where most of where B.C.s lumber goes there has been 165,000 forclosures.

    The realestate bubble pretty much popped in most areas of B.C. so that is hurting the construction. Construction is almost at a standstill around my area. B.C. won't see house forclosures like the USA because Banks don't lend money to people with no money. Banks consider a income earner of 39 grand a year like me a person with a low paying job.

    As for me getting a raise I wish if it wasn't for the union the gov't is trying to reduce wages. Overtime is a big no no. In 6 years my wage has only increased $1.25 I think we are going to get a 20 cent raise next year and make the wage 22.00 per hour. Right now I'am below the average wage paid in B.C. right now which is 22.74. The benefits kill the wage the gov't pays half and I pay half. If I want dental and medical I have to pay for them.

    After all the deductions I go from 21 down to 15 dollars per hour which is my take home pay. I average about 158 hours a month which gives me about 2300 dollars a month.

    The way things are going in most areas of B.C. it is going to be a scamble for work. I think guys in construction will have to get used to being unemployeed or get a job in the grocery store for 10 bucks per hour. The nail pounders have had it good for 5 years.

    With the excavation business I think the slow down is going to cause alot of the guys to decide its time to retire. The average age of a operator is 55 maybe 5% of the operators are under 40 years old. Excavation companies owned by anybody in their 30-40s is very few. Guys like BCron is non-existant that have their own excavation business or skid steer service.

    If it doesn't pick up soon there will be lots of people hurting for money in the next few months as the bank account runs dry.

    Nothing is as bad as Ontario with 250,000 or more job losses from manufacturing going down. Starting to see people from Ontario in B.C. looking for work. The company my brother sub-contracts for is seeing resumes from Ontario residents looking for work. One guy has already has flown to B.C. to see if he can get a job with the company my brother works with.

    I think I will wait till spring of 2009 to make my decision I can't take working for the gov't anymore. The shift work is killing me the typical manager B.S. and other crap you have to deal with. With B.C.s economy in recession territory I'am not taking a chance yet quiting my job.

    We are going to have a change of provincial gov't in a few months and federal gov't next month. B.C. need a provincial gov't change badly before every job in B.C. is exported overseas.

    The sky isn't falling but anybody in B.C. but people in Vancouver to Chilliwack are living in a false sense of security thinking the work will be never ending in the excavating/contruction. The construction/realestate boom is ending all over other parts of B.C. . The province is walking on thin ice with so many resource based jobs lost.

    The Liberal gov't and the king of morons Gordon Campbell thinks B.C. is doing good when jobs that kept famillies employeed for decades are gone.

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