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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by brucec, Apr 6, 2007.

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    Been lurking around this site for some time trying to get back into the swing of things. I've been out of the biz for some time and getting back in this year. Anyway, got a call for an this A.M. for an estimate on a small shopping center with around 3.5 acres of grass about 45 min. of trimming and lots of trash to be picked up before mowing. I gave them a bid of $175 per week, 28 mows per year, $ 4900.00 per year. They tell me my bid is high. They have 2 guys mow it for $105.00 each time and they will call when they want it mowed. Oh yeah he says they throw in freebees like spraying round up around some areas and trim a few trees when needed. Is it just me or does that sound really low? 2 guys minimum 2 hours splitting $105.00. Hope this isn't a sign of how my year is going to go!
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    Welcome back to the biz! It's been a while, eh?
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    dont budge on your price continue to do great work elsewhere and charge for extras... they will call back if they really wanna change... i know its happened... but i was 130 more not 70.... LOL
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    Yeah its been a few years, got a great factory job, but I really miss running after a mower! LOL! Not gonna' do it for free though!!! Funny thing was with this bid the guy tell me he was concerned about me making confetti. I imagine that he was aware at what he was paying that there was not much incentive in not mowing through every piece of paper on the property. I drive past this property every day and it looks like crap! I told him as a customer I am much more willing to patronize businesses that look like they care what their places look like, apparently some people just don't care. Told him that doing that kind of poor work was not in my business plan and I am looking to do quality work over quanity. I kinda' forgot about this side of the business. Oh well, the season is still young!
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    Grits your replies to posts crack me up every time I read them.:laugh: :laugh:
    Sorry to hear about your luck with the lowballer Brucec. It'll get better. Good Luck man
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    Damn Lowballers

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