can u lower your price?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. bobbygedd

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    ive been dealing with a new supplier this year, this place is closer to home, and has everything from chemicals, to repairs, to equipment rentals, etc. so, here is the deal: he is just a bit more expensive on most things, but on some things, alot more expensive than the place i used to deal with, for the same exact products. do i
    explain to him that i appreciate his service, but these items are way too costly and ask if he can match the other guys price? or do i just keep my mouth shut, and buy these items from the other place? a couple dollars i dont mind, but on some items he is almost double in price. i dont like when people try to "chew me down", and i dont know if its appropriate to do it to him.
  2. TurfGuyTX

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    I'd ask him about matching prices. It'll give you a chance to see how much he wants your business. Good luck.
  3. CMerLand

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    Buy the way you sell. Ive been saying that for years.

    If you hate to hear it from your clients then Im sure your vendors would hate to hear it from you.

    If you want the conveinance of one stop shopping you pay the difference.

    If you can get it someplace else cheaper then get it there. I buy all my machines from one dealer and dont ever shop his prices to other dealers, but I will buy parts online once or twice a year because I can get them cheaper from the parts suppliers.

  4. roscioli

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    think about it this way:
    if a customer of yours got an estimate for cheaper services, would you rather them give you a call first and give you the chance to lower yours, or just dump you?
    give him a chance, he may just be willing to sell for less becuase it will still mean a profit for him, and it would be much better than losing a customer...
  5. Toatlandscape

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    "Nothing ventured nothing gained" I think that is the quote. If you don't speak up there is absolutely no chance that you will get better prices. You don't have to be threatning just mention the other supplier and price maybe your new guy has a good reason for price. Higher rent, utilities, just overhead in general. You said he is lower in some areas maybe he just needs some advise in making some volume adjustments. It is possible he just doesn't have a handle on how to price the items. We all have had a learning curve. Some jobs make more money than others but the mix is what gives us the PROFIT we need. Give him a chance.

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