can water logged garden kill my lawn ???

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by jumbo, May 11, 2005.

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    I've got a brand new house in the uk down by the sea in wales, The builder Bryant homes laid a lawn front and back when I movered into my 4 bed detached house. My problem is that over the winter the lawn at the rear has completely died, I'm talking to the stage where you would think that there was never a lawn laid. The back garden has been completely water logged all over the winter to the stage where water was restling on the top running off right upto the patio doors at the rear of the house. Could this amount of water kill the grass to the stage where is only a few blades of grass left ? Check the pics... My other problem has been craneflys/leatherjackets, my area is prone to leatherjackets which I hope I have now got rid of by putting down nematodes, is it possible that the leatherjackets have eaten the whole of my lawn in as little as 3 months ? My house is built on a quarry and it looks like the builder has only put down about 8" of top soil before you hit solid rock, I can't even get the washing line in the ground, it sticks out about 5"...Is this enough for correct drainage + is enough for grass to grow ? My neighbours have had similar problems to me with the leatherjackets but not the flooding of the lwan and there grass is about 75-80% OK... Would you say my total loss of lawn is down to the water or the jackets ? Many thanks in advance for any feedback...


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    Oh yes this will kill the lawn,no proper drainage was installed,call your contractor and ask him to fix it.

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