Can we help answer any questions about H2B?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Marcus Drake Consultants, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. Marcus Drake Consultants

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    We would be please to try and answer or assist with questions about H2B.
  2. DLS1

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    Never needed H2B yet but what is the process to getting them. How early should you apply, how much does it cost, does the lco pay Workman's comp even though they are not from USA, what happens if the h2b doesn't like lawn work and quits do you get another person free of charge, etc.

    Since they are not from USA I assume you don't pay 7.5% social security to federal government and their 7.5% social security from the h2b persons check.
  3. Howard Roark

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    I'll be the first with a question.

    First off, welcome.

    I keep reading about such a shortage of these employees to our market. What information can you give regarding this?

    Also what advice would you give to lawnsite members who wish to obtain these employees for next year, as I did read on your website about a 4 month time frame?

    Another great post from you would be some general information, not about what you do, but more importantly about the process of obtaining employees (I.E. timelines, costs, quality of the worker, they're housing...etc.) and what exactly to expect once they get here.

    Thanks much!
  4. AintNoFun

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    whats the costs look like?
  5. Marcus Drake Consultants

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    Thank you.
    There is a huge shortage of willing eager workers in the USA. It is extremely difficult to obtain season labor. Most people are not willing to take a job for a limited time. In foreign countries there are many many people who want to work and need to work. Because of political, economic reasons there are not enough jobs to be had there. Most are young, head of household and there is no way for them to come here legally. The H2B guest worker program will provide them with a USA work visa. They can only work in seasonal businesses i.e. landscape, hotels, resorts and the like. Upon their arrival they can get a social security card and be put on your payroll as your legal workers. They PAY taxes. They DO NOT TAKE JOBS AWAY FROM AMERICANS. You can only be granted the people after you have completed a job search for Americans first. If an American wants the job you must hire him first !
    The process is complecated and takes about 4 months. The costs: We charge a processing fee to the employers as low as $100 per person for 10 or more. Inaddition, the employer must pay for an ad placed in the local newspaper for 3 days looking for Americans to fill the job. There is a filing fee to the USCIS (formally the name of the INS). $1185 per application. This fee is not for each person it is for the group.
    Recap. if you wanted 10 men it would be10 x 100 =$1000
    USCIS 1185
    Plus the newspaper ad
    so total $2185 plus ad.
    Other lawyers, recruiters fees vary but are usually much higher than ours. We have been associated with the green industry for a long time and understand your needs. We know that it is not reasonable to ask for say $5000 up front to get a group of men that you do not know about. We therefor ask the candidate to pay a small fee to get a job and a visa to work in the USA. This way only serious people apply and they have a vested interest in doing a good job. If they do they can come back year after year. At the end of their 9 or 10 month visa they must go back to their home country. You can only have them for your peak season. This is another advantage no layoffs.. spring you get the same people back.
    Housing.. you are not required to house them. but they are coming from a foreign country and know nothing about your area. We need you to help them find a place to stay. They will share space and they want to stay as cheaply as possible. They are here to send money home.
    Quality.. most are great and I mean they will make your life a dream. Some are worthless and you fire them as you would with any other dead beat.
    Since they invested in this I think most really try hard.
    I will give you more info please look at our website Q & A .
    Marcus Drake
  6. Marcus Drake Consultants

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    All legal workers must be covered by workmans compensation. They must get a Social Security card but the do not contribute since they will never collect. They are by definition seasonal temporary workers. If you don't like them fire them like any other worker.
    Marcus Drake
  7. Marcus Drake Consultants

    Marcus Drake Consultants LawnSite Member
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    If you guys would like to get qualified seasonal workers for the spring it is time to begin the filing now.
    We have great guys to work in the green industry especially lawn and tree care, hardscape or where labor is needed.. reliable , hardworking, People that want to work !
    Please contact Marcus Drake Consultants for the details. We make the process very easy.
    Marcus Drake

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