Can you Aerate, dethatch, slice seed and fertilize an existing lawn at once?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Pitt4212, Apr 4, 2010.

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    Just wondering if you can (or should?) aerate, dethatch, slice seed and fertilize a lawn all at once or wait and do each one at different times (spring and fall) of the season. I live in Mass and am just a homeowner, also if you do all at once what order should I do them in? My lawn is in pretty good shape, but I want it to look perfect this year. I have irrigation as well if that plays any role as in what to do do get it GREEN! Thanks in advance.
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    well there really isnt a need to dethatch if your going to powerseed, it already does that somewhat when you power seed. But yes it should be fine. I am not a big advocate of dethatching, and i think dethatchting and power raking are two differnt things. Power rake is just a really good raking, and dethatch is a very deep taking out a lot of thatch and going into the soil (very bad for the lawn.) if you aerate yearly and do a nice power rake in the spring, there will never bee a need to dethatch your yard.

    Anyways, order would be to power rake the yard, clean up debris, aerate, slit seed (two directions NE-SW then NW-SE) then starter fertilize the yard.

    Just remember dont go very deep with the power rake, it caused a tremondous amount of strees on the lawn. Do that and you should get some pretty good results
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    While this may be true, if you have a significant layer of thatch, it needs to be dealt with.

    Also, get the soil tested before applying any ferts.
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    that is correct. What type of work have you done to your lawn the past few years? have you aerated it recently or anything? I usually always try to sell my clients on a good power rake and aerate every year so thatch problems are never around. I always recommend aerating, seeding, and a starter fert app every fall, it helps reduce thatch problems and fills in the lawn great. I am assuming your goiing to do some sort of fert and weed control on your lawn this year. Just remember, if you plant grass in the spring, you cant do any weed control at the beginning of the year, becasue it will effect the seed. I would power rake the yard, aerate, and then just fertilize it and do weed control then in the fall power seed it, and you should have pretty good results come next year. Or you can do that stuff, and then wait until summer to start doing weed control, but you will have crabgrass becasue you cant control that if you seed in the spring. Just a heads up on that one.

    If you do seed this spring, just find a good starter fertilizer containing a good amount of phosphorus becasue thats whats going to help the seeds germinate and grow

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