Can You Beleive It !?!?!

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    I recently posted about the decision to by a Mower Online vs. a Local Dealer. After reading the replies I decided to buy local, but this time I knew the dealer would come down on the price (before he hadn't budged on a Great Dane Super Surfer 52" 19Kaw for $6699.) You see, my brother and I both own lawn businesses and he also was looking for a Stander but he wanted the Wright. He recently decided to go with the Surfer. So we walked into the dealer ready to buy (1) Super Surfer 52" and (1) 48". Two mowers, cash, no financing. When asked the what discount he was ready to give us now that we were purchasing two mowers (and a ECHO backpack blower) he said "Man... I told you the other day, nobody 'Jews' me down on my mowers, its still $6699 EACH" I about dropped to the ground, how on Earth can a small business owner stay in business with these sort of business practices? I told him we will would never buy from him and would go to his closest competitor, even though they do not carry the Great Danes. And he acted surprised. :)
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    Can You Believe It!?!?! Yah. Some people are just idiots. It's too bad because it sounds like you guys really want the Surfers. Maybe you should give the manufacturer a call and tell them the situation before buying something else. See what they have to say about someone representing their company that way. Just a thought.
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    We have a small engine shop around here that is the same way. No compromises. There way or nothing. To bad, they are the closest exmark dealer to me, but I would never buy anything from them. Most people in this area know about them and feel the same way. Exmark also knows about them and from what I heard they may end up loosing their dealership on day. They hurt exmarks reputation in my opinion. Their idea of helping you out is if you buy a $7000 Lazer they MIGHT throw in a mulch kit. But no price breaks. Call the manufacturer, there may be others dealers that you don't know about or a rep that can help you. But I wouldn't want to count on this dealer for service.
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    It's probably a good omen. Perhaps God's way of telling you to go for something else. This could be for a number of reasons.
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    Why don't one of you go to and ask a eXmark representitive directly if they can influence a dealer in any way?
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    The dane dealer in oakboro had the 52 chariot
    just over 6 thousand.T 60 inch was 6800
    If i hdnt had a deal, i couldnt refuse come up,
    i was going after one.Thats oakboro nc
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    I agree with Runner. It was not meant to be. Everything happens for a reason and that reason is not clear to us always at first. It may take a month or a year, but not being able to buy those Danes will become clear at some point. Continue your search. Happy hunting!

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    My dealer won't even throw in a set of blades! I am in no way taking the side of the dealer here but wouldn't it be the same with you if the customer said "do it for $15.00 less per cut and I'll let you have it". Would you do it? The best thing to do is move on, buy something else, when his hard times hit and you stop in for some 2-stroke mix or something he will see whats on your trailer and most likely think about the decision he made.
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    I have a dealer like that in my area too.. They are just plain idiots, and they don't have time for you. They tried to sell me a 1999 leftover Lazer saying that it was a 2000. I went to another dealer and he was straight up with me and gave me a couple hundred off and some free oil...

    Homer it's different than a customer because they are only going to be approx $1500 year and not $7000 in one shot...

    Some people just don't deserve to be in business...
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    wow! I posted on the other thread about the independence of some of these guys. this is unreal! when I buy retail, I expect to negotiate the price a little, because I expect the dealer to be a little high and build in some wiggle room.

    bard to believe he'd say "shove it up...". with his independence with the sale, I'd wonder if he'd be be as independent when it comes to repairs. amazing


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