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Has any one thought about the problems with this web site. Really read this site.

Think about the production and the cost per hour.

Also look at the comparison to cars and mowers. They clam that one mower running for an hour causes as much pollution as 70 cars running for an hour. Think about it, a small one or two cylinder mower verses 4, 6 and 8 cylinder cars. They are lying about the pollution and abut the cost savings.

I read this entire site.

If you think about it the productivity and hourly rate makes this thing less productive and cost much more as the larger machines.

They want over 8 dollars an hour and the thing only cuts 1 acre per hour and for the bigger one they are planning on releasing 2 per hour.

Any 60” Z can cut around 4 acres an hour with one operator at $8 – $9 per hour.

They are on to something with this idea but they really don’t know the green industry’s needs.
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