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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cimkill, Mar 6, 2014.

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    Historically my most talented employees have been my biggest problem. They all have the attitude that you are lucky to have them and that they can work anywhere they want. Give me an employee of average ability with a strong work ethic any day.
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    I know that AST is a scripted show, and full of anti gun/ anti hunting rhetoric. WWG is nothing but entertainment. Hower, I know from many of the gun boards that I am a member of, that they are ruining their reputation for building quality custom guns. The point is though, that AST could not legally show a trooper giving a ticket for something that is not a ticketable offense for several reasons. I know when I lived up there, you could not drive down Sterling hwy on a quad without expecting to get a ticket if you got stopped. The shoulder never seemed to be a problem as long as there was one to drive on, but if you got up on the pavement whether or not you were impeding traffic, it was a different ball game.

    Yes, in any state a farm vehicle is legal to operate on city and state roads. I have done it myself on my CUT's. There are certain laws you must follow/obey to do so, but I have done it right through busy traffic. Most folks are nice about it and make room, but there is always one or two jerks that try to run you off the road. However, lawn mowers of any stripe- no. Very few states allow it legally. There was a huge thread here a year or two ago about that subject, and posts from guys all around the country.

    Snowmobiles are a different class, especially where there is lots of snow like AK. Here, it is legal to run them on the roads when the conditions are too bad for normal traffic, or a warning had been issued for drivers to stay off the roads unless they absolutely have to be out. Under normal winter conditions though, you will get a ticket if caught.
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    do you find them regularly? (average employees with no attitude)

    Usually it seems the most common employee is below average WITH an attitude.

    the main reason why the talented guy gets this attitude is because the industry is so full of the untalented attitude ones… people constantly try and hire him away and tell him how special he is. (and like I said he will eventually be one of those guys who runs off, starts his own business, is really good at what he does but can't run a business)

    The mediocre, run of the mill, average worker, with no attitude is created by training systems, right there, at your own company, out of people who would otherwise be unemployed or under employed.

    Too often, LCO's are looking all around for someone who is "just as good as them" and all they do is bad mouth the workers that ARE out there.

    'I don't have time to train people to do this, I need an experienced guy'

    Where do experienced come from, do they hatch?

    I generally calculate employee training as an overhead expense.
    which drives up the hourly rate of a company that has an employee training system in place.

    the H2B program is one of these programs, as applicants for immigrant labor force are usually shown he basics of what they will be doing, in a class(es) while still in mexico.
    But using an H2B labor force also raises the costs of doing business.

    Things like this are generally avoided int he name of "I can't afford/I don't have the for"

    Thus, creating the attitude of the skilled guy in the first place…probably because HE CAN go work anywhere he wants.

    And this is usually the fault of management in the first place. (which is what I was getting at)

    Properly managed employees don't have attitudes, they have issues than can be managed. That's the point of a manager in the first place.

    IF a person wants to be a manager, define what the position entails, set goals for him/her and do employee reviews regularly, when/if the employee achieves on of the goals, give them a raise because they are that much closer to being a manager.

    Eventually the final raise, comes with the promotion TO manager. If they do not meet the criteria, which has been spelled out for them before hand, and given training opportunities to learn how, then they have themselves to blame.

    Don't just say this or that person doesn't have this or that skill or ability, when you have failed to train them.
    IF someone doesn't follow rules, educate them as to why they are rules in the first place, and how they benefit everyone involved.

    the employer attitude often creates the employee attitude…. if more people stopped saying 'i don't have time' and 'i can't afford' that problem would iron itself out, in this industry.
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    I thought I could just download this pic I found of guys in a sonic drive through on their riding lawn mowers (more than one more than one brand)

    but it won't work….anyone know how to upload it to this thread?
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    Yes, I import my mowers, I pay for shipping, duties, import taxes, around 40% more when all the dust settles. No dealers only john deer and kubota here. They rape you on top of the 40%, they add another 40%, and I am not getting raped. Here you have to license all farm equipment, golf carts, quads, electric bicycles, etc. I do not license my mowers for there is no need they are supposed to be strictly on the grass or side of the road. The insurance hike I would have had along with 20% co pay to damage and full damage cost to my mower would have been paid by me. That is not happening. You might think Im mean, bad, an A**ho** but I cannot bring myself to tolerate that. Yes the streets are extremely narrow former british colony, and the guy was 21 years old and as I said extremely even supernaturally fit. Yes he could have easily walked. Jobs here are far and few between, and because most people here are thieves once you find a crew you don't add to it unless very necessary. Today he called me back begging me to take him back, he said he will do anything I ask, and not give any problems, he really needs the money. I told him to come and see me on Wed. at 4:30pm. I said I doubt I will rehire him, but he needs to speak to me and my manager. I pay my employees over double what minimum wage is which is unheard of down here. My guys make more than a lot of the college graduates make down here. Just based on that he was stupid, especially after being warned about his attitude repeatedly.
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    Yes I did. I would do it again, and again, I guess Im a bad guy:confused:
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    Thank you for your support Ridin I appreciate it. The rules of engagement are different down here. I lost a lot of money learning how to do business down here. Most of us that move here don't last, either get robbed blind or scared, and leave, that is; doing business down here. Retiring is a different story; get in a safe neighborhood, pay attention to your surroundings when going out and its paradise. Warm weather, beautiful water, Nice jungle, that side of its great, I wish I could retire. Instead its work for me but Im 34 and should be good in 15years I hope:drinkup:
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    No problem cimkill. The problem with most Americans is that they have never been to, or even had a chance to go to another country. We take things for granted sometimes, and figure things are the same way in other parts of the world, which they rarely are.
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    I might work cheap.

    Although I hate heat. So this might not be a good fit. lol

    I can bring my own protection. I'm still working on building my arsenal, but I have a pretty good start.

    You may want to try reading comprehension.

    You're not being an a-hole, you're being a business man. If some of the naysayers here don't get it, then they probably haven't had employees.

    That whole minimum wage thing might throw GreenT for a loop. Better stay out of the politics section.

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