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    I just pulled up to a new customer when his neighbor asked if we could do his yard. I was like sure. It is going to be 35 bucks. He says ok. Very small front yard and I look in the back and the grass is getting close to a foot high in some spots. Not too big of a deal with the walk behind but still sucks. I figure I will just eat it on this one and make it back with return business. We spend a good amount of time knocking out the back yard. Finish up. The guy hands me a check. Everything is fine. I go to the atm to deposit my checks for the day and take a look at the reciept that shows me a copy of the check. The SOB post dated it 6 days and didnt say a word about it. I dont know what I am going to say. I was PISSED. Who just hands over a post dated check without mentioning it. Man what a pile.
  2. Grass Shark

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    It is illegal to post date checks, the bank has to cash it or bounce it.
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    I believe it is illegal to postdate a check.... Or so I have been told.

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    One or the other is going to happen because it definitely got deposited. I think I will be telling him to f off next time I see him.. dont care if I lose the other account as that yard was garbage as well.

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    I dont think it is illegal to write posted dated check, as long as said check does not bounce when cashed/deposited whether it be earlier than the posted date or not.
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    You should have went back right then and told him you need todays date on there. Let me guess, you never bothered to call or stop back to his place and tell him? You just come on here and tell EVERYONE else but the person you should have told right then and there toi begin with.
  7. topsites

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    Yes, tell the man to call me instead!

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    Did you ask him if it was just a mistake. I have forgotten what day it was and made a check out wrong before.
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    I don't know what you re complaining about. He paid you didn't he? I write the wrong date on stuff sometimes. If you have to wait 6 days for the check is irrelevant. It's just like sending a bill. Don't sweat it. Keep the yard and keep getting paid six days after you do the job.
  10. ajslands

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    A six day mistake?
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