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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KINGMADE, Apr 15, 2011.

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    Did you know, I can spend 5 to 10 thousand dollars on advertising and my phone hardly rings, mostly because
    I used to tell folks I didn't want to work for pretty much exactly what you are thinking about doing?
    Yes sir, and it takes time but word does get around.

    I have since learned, but it's been a long, hard road.

    You do what you want, and I know you're pissed because I know how that feels, but if you want to keep calling the shots
    and playing the big guy and having a good time at it too, then it is my recommendation you lend up a compromise somewhere,
    and it is thus my recommendation that whenever you no longer wish to work for a customer for any reason, you simply
    make up a solid sounding BS excuse such as "I am too busy right now" or something of the sort and make it sound nice, too.

    Which I will admit may not strike as a much better option, but say it nice and don't take it personally and please be professional,
    and I can promise you it will probably... Most likely take you much, much farther down the road of life.

    Peace out
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    king made consider this some companies lose 1000 of dallers a year on being rude to customers or refusing perfectly good post dated checks if it was me i would simply ask if he was aware he did it and if he said yes i would simply say you do understand i dont check every date on the checks and if i deposit it by mistake post dated or not you will be responsible for all fees acured in the mixup ....... then i would explain i am sorry that my bank requires these fees but they are in my companies safety and best intrest and as long as he is sure the check will be good when i deposit them then i wouldnt have any problem at all if not then i would request next visits to be paid same day cash . not being rude in any form .
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    I have no problem taking a post dated check. I did it a couple times last season. I have a problem with someone trying to be sneaky about it. I also have a problem with someone thinking they got over on me. I won't know if the check bounces for a couple of days.
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    if i am corect long as its deposited and your account has the funds to have covered it when it bounced dont you bank leave you be and just penilize his money....... mine does but if i cash it its me taking responsibility and i have to pay my 32.00 fee as well as the fees he will recieve. ??? just my banks ways they make me deposit all my checks ant they are not avalible for withdraw for 24 hours so it could just be my bank

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    My experience from last year, granted it was with Wachovia before the Wells Fargo merger. The bounced check was withdrawn from my balance (thats a no brainer), but then they also charged me a 20.00 fee. Anyone else with Wells Fargo have this happen?
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    Just wait until they get audited. The feds will have a fit.
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    my bank will take the cheque,hold on to it untill the date arrives,then put it through .I once wrote a business cheque ,and for some weird reason,post dated it 6 months even though the cheque wasnt supposed to be post dated at all,I felt like an ass,but showed my face the next day when I found my error,re-wrote a new cheque,and we both laughed and went on our way happy .If you got a bad cheque,in my area,its concidered fraud and easy enough to take care of since its easy to prove you didnt get paid through bank records .I live in Canada though,your own local laws are possibly different .
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    I bill monthly, I get paid 5-15 days after I send a bill.
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    I recently had a similar situation and my bank (Bank of America) said they will not accept a post dated check. There is no law against writing a post dated check as long as you have no illegal intent in writing the check. The kicker is that in most states post dated check are not covered under bad check laws.

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    Courtesy costs us nothing, but it promotes a more harmonious outcome. Just my .02

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