can you distinguish lawn tractor, garden tractor, riding tractor, zero turn?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by dcpark, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. dcpark

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    can you distinguish lawn tractor, garden tractor, riding tractor, zero turn?

    explain please...

    thank you for your answering.
  2. capetan

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    do a search my man.......
  3. Jason Rose

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    Lawn tractor: your basic riding mower, smaller machine with a steering wheel and that mows only.

    Garden tractor: a beefed up version of the lawn tractor, usually has larger wheels/tires, more gears/better hydros, and can mow plus can operate other equipment like small blades, tillers, etc.

    A riding tractor is the same thing...

    A zero turn machine is a mower that dosn't use a convential transaxle to power the drive wheels, it uses 2 hydraulic pumps and motors to drive the wheels which can be driven totally independent of one another.
  4. topsites

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    I'm sorry but there are no such things, that's just grossly generalizing and miss-interpreting.

    A lawn tractor is what's most likely called a riding lawn mower.
    Because I could take a compact and stick a brush cutter blade on it and ride it on the lawn, but does that make it a lawn tractor?
    As broadly as this term suggests, any tractor plops itself on the turf is now a lawn tractor, so I don't use this generalization.

    garden tractor ... Maybe you're referring to a compact tractor?
    although I suppose these could be used on the lawn...
    Yes I think they do make cutting decks for compacts, but it's an attachment, few come with these where it's not an option.
    And it's either a riding lawn mower, or it's a compact, there might be a few hybrids but...

    riding tractor ... what is this, don't they all ride?
    except maybe the dingo, but even thou there are exceptions, when referring to machines in general I stick to the rules.

    zero turn Rider = a machine capable of turning via independent power to the wheels vs. steering

    There you have it: Riding lawn mower, compact tractor, Zero turn rider.
    It's either one of those 3 or it doesn't belong, there are no other machines besides these, no matter what people call them.

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